New Books: Selected Writings of Ella Higginson: Inventing Pacific Northwest Literature Edited and with an introduction by Laura Laffrado

ellaSelected Writings of Ella Higginson: Inventing Pacific Northwest Literature

Edited and with an introduction by Laura Laffrado

The first prominent literary author from the Pacific Northwest, Ella Rhoads Higginson (1862?-1940) has been largely forgotten as a key American writer. During the turn from the nineteenth century into the twentieth century, readers across the nation were introduced to the remote Pacific Northwest region by Higginson’s descriptions of majestic mountains, vast forests, and scenic waters, as well as the often difficult economic circumstances of those dwelling near Puget Sound. Higginson was celebrated for her award-winning fiction, her lyric poetry which was set to music and performed internationally, and her distinguished position as the first Poet Laureate of Washington State. Throughout her literary career, Higginson published hundreds of poems, stories, and essays in leading magazines and newspapers, while also writing books, including the novel Mariella, of Out-West (1902) and the nonfiction work Alaska, the Great Country (1908).

Higginson’s reputation as a well-known American author faded chiefly due to her singular position as a literary writer in the turn of the century Pacific Northwest, far from other regions and writers at the time. Areas of the United States such as New England and the South were often portrayed by many different authors in earlier American literature. Taken together, such writings created familiar literary regions for readers. However, only in Higginson’s writing did the Pacific Northwest of over a century ago spring to life in precise detail. Because of this, her work stands alone. Selected Writings of Ella Higginson seeks to restore Higginson’s prominence by reintroducing readers to her life and her most celebrated works. With a comprehensive introduction, explanatory notes, and other supplementary material, this collection reclaims Ella Higginson as a significant voice in American literature.

Updated Membership Directory Now Available

The most recent version of the SSAWW Membership Directory is now available here:

Since you’ll need to be an SSAWW member to present at the SSAWW conference in November, you can check your membership at that link.

Thanks to VP for Membership Heidi Hanrahan for making this information available.

Henry Rutgers Term Professorship in Hispanic and Latin@ Studies

Rutgers University – New Brunswick seeks a candidate to fill the Henry Rutgers Term Professorship in Hispanic and Latin@ Studies at the advanced assistant or associate professor levels.


SSAWW-DH listserv for Digital Humanities discussions of American Women Writers

Because of the tremendous response to our initial inquiry about a DH discussion, we’ve decided to change course a bit. Because we had intended this to simply be a venue for conversation about DH projects, we are afraid this number of participants would be unwieldy. In its place, we have created (thanks to Donna Campbell) a listserv focused on this topic. If you’re interested in being a part of this listserv, please follow this link to subscribe:

We’d also like to call your attention to a previously-planned discussion at Friday’s mentoring breakfast. We hadn’t realized this was in the works, and it sounds like a great opportunity to discuss DH projects. Participants need to sign up for this; watch for more information on the main listserv. Remember that this costs $20 for faculty and is free for graduate students.

All of this interest is exciting and will surely lead to some great DH projects!


Cari Carpenter and Carolyn Sorisio

re: SSAWW 2015, please remember . . .

All conference participants must be SSAWW members.

SSAWW treasurer, Heidi Hanrahan, has asked that we remind all conference participants that SSAWW membership registration is in addition to the conference registration. Conference registration does not provide SSAWW membership. Here is the conference registration site again:

And here is the SSAWW membership page:

Questions about membership can be directed to Heidi:

Thanks, everyone.

SSAWW 2015 Conference – Draft Schedule, and Information on Conference Registration, and Hotel Reservations

Dear SSAWW conference participants,

The draft schedule is now available: SSAWW 2015 Draft Schedule, June 21

We are in the process of assigning panel chairs, and may be in further touch about chairing. Thanks to those of you who have already indicated a willingness to chair.

We look forward with pleasure to November – to seeing / meeting you in Philadelphia and engaging with the superb on-going scholarship on American women writers.

Here are the conference registration and hotel reservation links.

Conference registration:

Because we are a little behind in posting this information, the deadline for early conference registration has been extended to July 31st. Please be sure to register for the conference before then to receive the lower rate.

Sheraton Society Hill Hotel reservations: SSAWW – Society for the Study of American Women Writers – 2015 C    OR    copy and paste the following link into a web browser:

We also remind you that conference participants must be SSAWW members (please see membership page).

Questions about conference registration can be directed to Beth Lueck (

Questions about hotel registration can be directed to Rita Bode ( or

Questions about membership can be directed to Heidi Hanrahan (

All other queries can be directed to We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Please continue to check the website in the coming months for updates:

We wish you all creative and fulfilling summers.

Rita, Dick, Beth, Miranda, Leslie and Rickie-Ann

CFP: Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference (Deadline11.15.15)

Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference

Boston, March 10‐12, 2016

The South in the North

Taking place for the first time in a non-Southern venue, SSSL’s conference next year in Boston will focus on challenges to and reconfigurations of North/South binaries in regional, national, hemispheric, and transatlantic literary and cultural studies.  The foundation of traditional US Southern literary studies on domestic regional difference and distinctiveness has been expanded over recent decades to encompass broader study of Southernness within national and global rubrics.  We welcome innovative scholarship on a wide spectrum of research within our intentionally flexible topic: for example, on the imagining of region as it figures in the imagining of nation, on the construction and consequences of Southern exceptionalism, on the continued expansion of analytical concepts of Southernness (and Northernness) in hemispheric, transatlantic, and global contexts.  We are especially interested in having scholars join us who work in literary fields involving Southern content (colonial plantation literature, race studies, the literatures of slavery, migration, transatlantic studies, and so on) but who may not identify as Southernists. (more…)

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