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The Society for the Study of American Women Writers was established to promote the study of American women writers through research, teaching, and publication. It is the goal of the Society to strengthen relations among persons and institutions in this country and internationally who are devoted to such studies, and to broaden knowledge among the general public about American women writers.

The Society is committed to diversity in the study of American women writers — racial, ethnic, gender, class, sexual orientation, region, and era — as well as of scholars participating in the Society.

Other Documents

Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Publications

Whom should I contact about  . . . ?

  • For information about your SSAWW membership, contact the Vice President for Membership and Finances.
  • For information about the SSAWW organization, forming a regional study group, or becoming an affiliated organization, contact the president.
  • For information about the SSAWW conference, contact the Vice President for Organizational Matters.
  • For information about development issues, donating to SSAWW, and funding, contact the Vice-President for Development.
  • For materials to be posted to the web site or included in the newsletter, contact the Vice President for Publications.
  • For subscription issues related to Legacycontact the University of Nebraska Press at 1-800-755-1105.
  • For information on Legacy, visit the Legacy site at http://legacywomenwriters.org

About this Site

The purpose of this site is to disseminate information about the Society for the Study of American Women Writers (SSAWW) and to post useful information for those interested in studying American women writers.

If you have information that would be of interest to those visiting this site, such as a call for papers, an announcement of a new book or article, or conference information, please send it to Donna Campbell at ssaww.web@gmail.com with the copy in the body of the message in text format.  Since they do not have text that can be readily copied and pasted to the site, materials in .pdf format will not be posted. Please indicate where you’d like the information to be placed.

  • Because this is an informational, educational, and nonprofit site, notices of books or other items for sale, eBay auctions, and other commercial information cannot be posted.

  • Although we post information about new books, plays, and so forth relating to American women writers, we do not link to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or other overtly commercial sites, and we do not accept any compensation for posting notices.

    Please see the Terms of Service for SSAWW-L for further clarification about what can be posted at this site.

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