Women Writers: Links

Do you have suggestions for other links? Send them to ssaww.vppublications@gmail.com or post them in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Women Writers: Links

    • Anne, good morning, I just loved what I read in your blog. CONGRATULATIONS. It’s Very important to spread those women memories abroad, plus the scholarship about them. Concerning myself it’s super, I am a Brazilian Teacher, carring out a project on 18th. Century Women Writers in the northeastern part of the country. In my project my aim is to divulgate a female literary memory left by women from Brazil, Portugal, France and the USA, of course. My main field of study is American Literature, however, to broad my research and adapt it to my local demand I have to open my project to students from different backgrounds, it´s quite challanging because they are not able to read in English fluently, so I am obliged to use translations in my classes about WOMEN AND LITERATURE. I’d love to show your blog in my classes if you don´t mind. I plan to attend the meetinfg on Gilman’s next year, this year, 2014, is impossible for me to fly abroad. But, who knows next year?! I hope to keep reading your blog. Warms, nadilza moreira.

  1. We do not have or give out addresses for contemporary women writers. In the course of your research, you may find a way to contact the author, but most authors receive hundreds of requests from readers and may not respond.

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