SSAWW-L (Society Listserv)

SSAWW Listserv and SSAWW-DH

The Society maintains an email mailing list to facilitate conversations among members and interested parties. To subscribe to the SSAWW-L list, send a message, view archived postings, or change your current subscription options, follow the instructions below:

1) TO SUBSCRIBE – Visit the link above (best accessed via Firefox or Chrome browser) and click on the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the “Log-in” box.
2) Select “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” from the drop-down menu that appears
3) A new page will open where you will enter your name and email address and select your subscription preferences (regular or digest).
4) Check the email you subscribed with for an email from the list with a link to confirm your subscription and with further instructions on how to post to the list, etc.

Subject matter. The SSAWW-L list exists for the purpose of disseminating and exchanging information about the study of American women writers. Its messages include information about research, requests for suggested readings, conference announcements, calls for papers, and other items of interest to scholars of American women writers. Because SSAWW is a nonprofit scholarly organization and the listserv is hosted by a university server, the list does not distribute promotional materials for businesses, commercial solicitations, individual and local charitable appeals, or material only tangentially related to its mission.

Replies are sent to the ssaww-l list by default. If you wish to send a reply to an individual rather than to the list, check the TO: line in your response to be sure that you have the correct recipient.

Subscribe and unsubscribe. To unsubscribe from the list, do not send a message to SSAWW-L. Instead, send a message with Unsubscribe as the subject line to UHD-SSAWW-L-signoff-request@LISTSERV.UHD.EDU.

E-mail safety. Although the list is moderated and the chances are slim that any dangerous emails would slip through, use good email practices when reading messages: don’t click on suspicious links or open attachments unless the purpose is clearly indicated in the message. Suspicious links include those that say your account is over its limit and will be closed, “look at this!” and so on. If your email account is hacked and you can’t unsubscribe, please email the list owner UHD-SSAWW-L-request@LISTSERV.UHD.EDU from a different account, listing your hacked email address, so that I can unsubscribe you.

Messages. Substantive scholarly messages such as questions, calls for papers, announcements, and replies that are in the subject areas of interest to SSAWW members are posted to the list. Responses that simply say “me too!” or “thanks!” should be sent to individual correspondents rather than to the list.

Promotional materials. The SSAWW asks that notices of new books, films, or other materials by SSAWW members and special issues of journals be posted to the SSAWW web site; you’re welcome to forward these to the SSAWW-L list as well.

Press releases sent with no context as part of a mass mailing are deleted unread.

Listserv etiquette. If you ask for suggestions for a course or reading list, it is a courtesy to others to collect and post the responses you receive to the list. If you send them to they can be posted to the SSAWW site as well.

Attachments. If you have an announcement, write it in the body of the message. Please do not send attachments, since the Mailman software may delete them.

Announcements that consist only of attachments and a “please forward” message are deleted unread.

Materials to be posted to the SSAWW site need to be sent to in an email or text format. Since they do not have text that can be readily copied and pasted to the site, materials in .pdf format will not be posted to the SSAWW site.

The SSAWW-L discussion list is moderated. It may take some time for your message to be sent to the list.

SSAWW DH-Listserv

SSAWW-DH is devoted to digital humanities projects. To subscribe, go to 

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