These e-texts were edited by SSAWW members and are hosted on university servers.

Lydia Maria Child, Stand From Under 
William and Ellen Craft, Running a Thousand Miles to Freedom 
Rebecca Harding Davis, Biographical Sketch and Bibliography 
Eliza Lee Follen, Little Songs for Boys and Girls 
Sarah Louisa Forten, Selected Poetry 
Hannah F. Gould, Selected Poetry and Biographical Sketch 
Sarah Josepha Hale, Three Hours or Vigil of Love 
Frances E. W. Harper, Sketches of Southern Life, 1891 
Mrs. Edward Leigh, Confessions of a Flirt, “An Ower True Tale” 
Harriet Beecher Stowe, Selected Poetry and Writings 
Sojourner Truth , Selections 
Mary Eliza Tucker Lambert, Autobiography and Selected Poems 
Harriet Wilson, Our Nig 
Constance Fenimore Woolson, Selections 
Constitution of The Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society 1835 
National Suffrage Convention Resolution, 1848-1876 
19th Century Women’s Poetry