Officers and Advisory Board (2019-2021)

Nominations Elections Committee and Advisory Board (2016-18)

Advisory Board Members (Continuing)

Current Advisory Board Members 

  • Patrick S. Allen, Pennsylvania State University (first term/ends 2021)
  • Kimberly Blockett, Pennsylvania State University Brandywine (first term/ends 2021)
  • Kinitra Brooks, Michigan State University (first term/ends 2021)
  • Eve Dunbar, Vassar College (first term/ends 2021)
  • Stéphanie Durrans, Université Bordeaux Montaigne-3 (second term/ends 2020)
  • John Ernest, University of Delaware (first term/ends 2021)
  • Mary Eyrin, Brigham Young University (first term/ends 2021)
  • Eric Gardner, Professor, Saginaw Valley State University (first term/ends 2021)
  • Tara T. Green, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (first term/ends 2021)
  • Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Indiana University—Purdue University Columbus (second term/ends 2020)
  • Christine Grogan, University of Delaware (second term/ends 2020)
  • DoVeanna S. Fulton, University of Houston-Downtown (first term/ends 2021)
  • Ayesha K. Hardison, University of Kansas (first term/ends 2021)
  • Susan K. Harris, University of Kansas (second term/ends 2019)
  • Josette Lorig, University of Colorado Boulder (first term/ends 2021)
  • Barbara McCaskill, University of Georgia (first term/ends 2021)
  • Jennifer Putzi, College of William and Mary (serves for the term of her editorship with Legacy)
  • Melanie Scriptunas, University of Delaware (second term/ends 2020)
  • Sabrina Starnaman, University of Texas at Dallas (first term/ends 2021)
  • Susan Tomlinson, University of Massachusetts Boston (serves for the term of her editorship with Legacy)
  • Jennifer S. Tuttle, University of New England (serves for the term of her editorship with Legacy)
  • Johanna Mary Wagner, Østfold University College (second term/ends 2020)