CFP: Black Periodical Studies (Journal Issue; Deadline 8.30.14)

Call for Papers for a special issue of American Periodicals

Black Periodical Studies

Guest Editors Eric Gardner and Joycelyn Moody

The Fall 2015 issue of American Periodicals will be devoted to texts exploring the field of Black periodical studies and/or exploring issues in/of Black periodicals across the centuries, from Freedom’s Journal to Vibe and beyond.  We seek scholarship that considers the nexus of African Americanist inquiry and periodical studies–including, but not limited to, approaches that engage book history studies or center on print culture.  We aim to give a glimpse into the “state of the field” by bringing together samples of diverse work that show clear engagement with key questions in Black periodical studies while simultaneously sharing exciting new subjects and methods.  We hope for diverse approaches–from works that explore specific “cases” that illustrate what scholarship on Black periodicals might be, do, and become, to essays that explore waves, trends, or movements through broad-based approaches that survey wide groups of texts.

In addition to the content and/or “look and feel” of texts, we are interested in manuscripts that explore topics tied to editorial practice and policy, authorship, financing, production, design, illustration, circulation, readership, reception, cultural position, collection/preservation, and a rich range of other subjects tied to Black periodicals.  Strong interdisciplinary work will be welcomed.

Questions explored might include (but certainly need not be limited to):

* What is a “Black periodical”?

* What methods, questions, problems, and duties might “Black periodical studies” engage?

* How might we (re)consider the archive(s) of Black periodicals?

* What historical questions must students of Black periodicals strive to answer about texts, editors and editorial practice, periodical exchange, processes of reprinting, and other issues? (more…)

SSAWW Lifetime Membership Link

The correct link for the SSAWW Lifetime Membership should be as follows:

(or just click on the Membership tab in the navigation bar). 

SSAWW Welcomes Two New Affiliates

SSAWW is pleased to welcome two new affiliate societies:

African American Literature and Culture Society
Shirley Moody-Turner, vice-president
28 Burrowes Building; Penn State University, University Park, PA 16803

Society for American Travel Writing
Melanie K. Scriptunas
76 E. Cortland Ave., Fresno, CA 93704

Current list of all affiliate societies:

Spring 2015 SSAWW Newsletter now available

The Spring 2015 SSAWW Newsletter is now available at our web site: or via direct link at

Thanks to all of you who sent materials and to Jordan Von Cannon for her assistance with the newsletter. 

Grants and Fellowships: Danky Fellowship (Deadline 5.1.14)

Danky Fellowship

Application Information

The Danky Fellowship provides $1000 in funds for one individual planning a trip to carry out research using the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society (please see details of the collections at ( Grant money may be used for travel to the WHS, costs of copying pertinent archival resources, and living expenses while pursuing research here.  If in residence during the semester, the recipient will be expected to give a presentation as part of the colloquium series of the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture.

Preference will be given to:

  • proposals undertaking research in print culture history
  • researchers from outside Madison
  • research likely to lead to publication

Prior to applying it is strongly suggested that applicants contact the Wisconsin Historical Society Reference Archivist (phone: 608-264-6460; to discuss the relevancy of WHS collections to their projects.  Historical Society and Center for Print Culture staff may be able to identify potential collections of which you may not otherwise be aware.

[more information  at]

Two Invitations from SSAWW: Institutional Home & Post-1945 Journal

Society for the Study of American Women Writers (SSAWW): Invitations to tender

The Society for the Study of American Women Writers is a long-established and prestigious learned society. It has in recent years grown quite rapidly and now has over 400 members. Further growth looks probable. This is leading the Society to revisit its existing organisation.

In two key arenas the Society is looking to introduce two developments.

Firstly, the society is seeking an institutional (/ a departmental) base which will provide the society with a level of support in a number of key arenas.

  • By maintaining the website and working with the society’s officers to secure good, up-to-date and reliable presentation of the society as a WWW presence, including advice and suggestions on how to develop and improve this web presence.
  • By providing a small archive facility for SSAWW materials.
  • By providing administrative support for the society’s officers when pursuing their SSAWW duties. SSAWW in return would provide funding to finance graduate support for this.

The website, the membership list and all the key infrastructural supports of the society are already developed, so this is not a project that involves working from scratch, but taking over, maintaining and, if and where appropriate, improving the society’s provisions.

Secondly, the society intends to establish a new on-line journal, a sister journal to Legacy, with which it is closely connected (the online journal to cover the period 1945 to the present day). Again, the society is intending to seek institutional support for such a development.

  • By maintaining the journal website and working with the journal editor to secure good, up-to-date and reliable presentation of the journal as a WWW presence, including advice and suggestions on how to develop and improve this web presence. The editor will be appointed by an open election process within SSAWW.
  • By appointing, at least in the first instance, a managing editor, in consultative agreement with the SSAWW, to work with the editor.

 This communication invites individuals/departments/institutions to tender for the support/hosting of these two SSAWW initiatives. The tenders can be for the support of either or both of these initiatives.

 Closing date for both tenders: 30 June 2014

 Please submit the tenders to

CFP: LEGACY special issue: “Recovering Alice Dunbar-Nelson for the 21st Century” (journal issue; Deadline 9.30.14)

Special issue, “Recovering Alice Dunbar-Nelson for the 21st Century”

Guest Editors: Sandra Zagarell, Katherine Adams, Caroline Gebhard

Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers solicits papers for a special issue devoted to writing by Alice Dunbar-Nelson. Best known today as the author of regionalist short fiction set in her native New Orleans, Dunbar-Nelson was also an essayist, poet, playwright, newspaper columnist and editor, diarist, anthologist, educator, and activist engaged in the suffrage movement and African American political and social advancement.

Neither Dunbar-Nelson’s oeuvre nor her life fits comfortably into the ways of thinking that have traditionally shaped Americanist, African Americanist, and feminist criticism. For example, while some of her short stories openly engage racial inequity, much of the New Orleans fiction seems to hew to an aesthetic that prizes polish over politics. It takes considerable knowledge of the city’s racialized cultural geography and history to recognize how artfully Dunbar-Nelson’s fiction unsettles presumptions about racial and sexual distinctions, religion, ethnicity, nation, class, and gender. Dunbar-Nelson’s own practices of identification were enormously complicated. She was a prominent black activist and public intellectual; she felt that as a light-skinned African American she suffered from reverse colorism; she was herself sometimes derisive about dark-skinned blacks. Her sexuality was fluid: she had sexual-romantic relationships with women as well as men, and her most enduring relationships were with her third husband, Robert J. Nelson, and a woman educator, Edwina B. Kruse.  (more…)

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