New Articles 2011-2012


Palmer, Stephanie. “‘No More Appreciative Readers than in England’: Anglo-Saxonism and Dissent in the English Craze for Mary Wilkins Freeman,.Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations 16.2 (October 2012): 225-244.

Putzi, Jennifer.  ‘Some Queer Freak of Taste’: Gender, Authorship, and the ‘Rock Me to Sleep’ Controversy. American Literature 84.4 (December 2012).

Koritha Mitchell published “Belief and Performance, Morrison and Me” in Toni Morrison: Forty Years in the Clearing.  Abstract and free download accessible from here: http://bit.ly/TcAaoG

Chapman, Mary. “The ‘Thrill’ of Not Belonging: Sui Sin Far’s “Thrilling Experience.” Canadian Literature 212.1: 191-196. http://canlit.ca

Ranta, Judith. “‘The Power of Escaping’: Charlotte S. Hilbourne’s Gothic Romance Fiction.” The Journal of Popular Culture 45.2 (April 2012).


Saltz, Laura. “‘The Vision-Building Faculty’: Naturalist Vision in The House of Mirth.” MFS Modern Fiction Studies 57.1 (Spring 2011): 17-46. 2012 Winner of the Margaret Church award for best essay published in Modern Fiction Studies (MFS) in 2011.

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