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In the spring of 2010, SSAWW members voted to discontinue the paper version of the SSAWW Newsletter in favor of an online-only version, beginning with the Fall 2010 issue. When you read the online version, which is in .pdf format, you can click on the hyperlinks within the document to take you to the sites mentioned in the text.

SSAWW Newsletter 15.2 (Fall 2014) ssaww15-2Fall14

SSAWW Newsletter 15.1 (Spring 2014) ssaww15-1

SSAWW Newsletter 14.2 (Fall 2013) ssaww14-2

SSAWW Newsletter 14.1 (Spring 2013) 

SSAWW Newsletter 13.2 (Fall 2012) ssaww13-2

SSAWW Newsletter 13.1 (Spring 2012) ssaww13-1

SSAWW Newsletter 12.2 (Fall 2011)

SSAWW Newsletter 12.1 (Spring 2011)

SSAWW Newsletter 11.2 (Fall 2010)

SSAWW Newsletter 11.1 (Spring 2010)

SSAWW Newsletter 10.2 (Fall 2009)

SSAWW Newsletter 10.1 (Spring 2009)

SSAWW Newsletter 9.2 (Fall 2008)

SSAWW Newsletter 9.1 (Spring 2008) 

The SSAWW Newsletter is published twice a year, Spring and Fall. The Newsletter is distributed as a benefit of membership to SSAWW members and affiliated organizations via the web site and the SSAWW-L listserv. Announcements, calls for papers, announcements of new books, and other information of interest to SSAWW members should be sent to Donna Campbell,ssaww.web@gmail.com.

Deadlines: Spring issue, March 25; Fall issue, September 25.

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