#SSAWW2021 – Information for navigating the conference and Whova app for in-person and virtual attendees

All attendees should download Whova (a free conferencing web app) before the conference. Attendees can access the app using a computer via this link (https://whova.com/portal/webapp/ssoaw_202111/) or download the app to a smart phone using the buttons below.

Get our official event app
For Blackberry or Windows Phone, Click here
For feature details, visit Whova

Conference Program – Available HERE. In Whova, the program appears under the Agenda tab.

Agenda on Whova and planning your personal conference schedule

The Agenda on Whova houses the entire conference program. Attendees can view sessions, review materials shared by other presenters, and add sessions to their own personal schedule using the “Add to My Agenda” button or clicking the “+” next to the session in the app.

Information for Conference Attendees on panel modalities and events

  • In-person panels (noted in the program) will take place at the conference for in-person attendees (no virtual attendance options)
  • Hybrid Panels (noted in the program) may have an option for virtual attendees, which virtual participants can explore by clicking on the session in the Agenda of the Whova app to review the panel materials. A green video camera icon will appear next to sessions with a Zoom link.
  • Virtual Sessions (noted in the program) will have an option for attendees to join using Zoom. When clicking on the session in the Agenda in the Whova app, the Zoom link for the panel will appear. A green video camera icon will appear next to sessions with a Zoom link.
  • The Mentoring Breakfasts (Thursday and Friday morning) and the Celebration of the Study of American Women Writers (Saturday evening) have a virtual attendance option and will have a Zoom link available when clicking on that session event in the Agenda in Whova. We will also have virtual “Chat with an Editor” and “Chat with a Digital Humanist” sponsored by the Recovery Hub for American Women Writers available by sign-up as well. Watch the conference site for when these sign-ups become available!
  • Virtual Participants are encouraged to organize their own social gatherings with one another during the conference using posts on the “Community” page in Whova.

Information for Hybrid and Virtual Panels and Presenters

Guidelines for Speakers – please read

Guidelines for Chairs – please read

Additional information available for hybrid panels – Guidelines for Hybrid Panels document.

Important Reminders for Zoom links:

  • Whova has instructions for uploading Zoom links so they work with the “Live Stream” feature in Whova that allows attendees to see the panel via the app. We’ll be updating this page with more details and instructions for virtual panel chairs/panelists.
  • We ask that all virtual panels using Zoom turn on the “Live Transcript” feature for closed captioning (instructions available through Zoom here)

Community tab on Whova

All conference attendees can post to the Community tab on Whova. We encourage attendees both virtual and in-person to use this space to network with others, organize meet-ups and smaller gatherings during the conference.