Texas Regional SSAWW Study Group: Save the Date

The Spring 2020 meeting of the Texas Regional SSAWW Study Group will take place on Saturday February 29, 2020 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, hosted by Sarah Salter. The common reading will be Leonor Villegas de Magnón’s The Rebel, an autobiographyoriginally written in Spanish in the 1920s but unpublished until Arte Publico’s editions in 1994/2004. Participants are invited to read the text in either of its editions; the English-language edition is available here: https://artepublicopress.com/product/the-rebel/

RSVP by February 1, 2020 by emailing Sarah Salter (sarah.salter@tamucc.edu), and please indicate whether you will stay for dinner.

More details regarding location, lodging, parking, etc. will be available at our website as the event gets closer: http://txssaww.wordpress.com/ The Study Group is an informal gathering of professors, graduate students, and independent scholars who share an interest in American women’s writing. We share a lunch (provided by the host campus), spend the afternoon discussing the common reading, and have dinner at a local restaurant (paid individually). We welcome new participants to join the conversation, which is always rich and stimulating, and often touches on larger professional concerns (teaching, publishing, mentoring, etc.).

SSAWW Announcement: Membership Dues Increase Notice (coming June 1st, 2019)

Dear SSAWW Members and Friends,

After several discussions and research into our peer organizations, the SSAWW Executive Committee and Advisory Board have voted to increase our membership dues.  The increase comes after many years in which  dues have remained  at their current rate. As we respond to member feedback about a more frequent conference schedule and continue to grow as an organization,  adding new members, the dues increase will allow us to continue our current ventures and support  new ones.

You can renew at the current membership rates until May 31st, 2019 for the year January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. If you have already renewed your membership for 2019, then there will be no changes until you renew for 2020.

You can find the page for renewal on our SSAWW Membership site, and you can review the new membership dues rate that will go in effect for those renewing on or after June 1st, 2019.

 SSAWW Membership Dues (New – Effective – June 1st, 2019)

Student/Retired/Independent Scholar – $35.00

Regular membership, annual -$90.00

3-year Regular membership (expires 12/31/2021 if you join/renew after 6/1/2019) – $230.00 

Lifetime* – $800.00 

(*option to pay this in 4/$200 installment over one year calendar year, but you must contact the SSAWW VP of Membership and Finance in order to begin this plan)

If you have any questions, please reach out to president.ssaww@gmail.com or ssaww.vpmembershipandfinances@gmail.com


Sandy Zagarell

SSAWW President

SSAWW Election Committee – Seeking Nominations for 2 officer positions

Dear Colleagues:

The SSAWW is seeking nominations for two officer positions:

Vice President, Membership and Finances

Vice President, Development

Please consider nominating yourself and/or deserving colleagues (nominees must be current SSAWW members).  These positions are not elected offices according to the SSAWW constitution but appointed positions by the executive committee and advisory board, so there will be no general vote among the members.

The SSAWW constitution defines these positions as follows:

  • The Vice President, Membership and Finances shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and shall serve a three-year term. The Vice President, Membership and Finances shall maintain the membership of the Society; provide reports on finances to the President, Advisory Board, Press, and others as required; shall maintain the Society’s funds and distribute those funds as required for routine expenses, conference costs, and other expenses as approved by the President and/or the Advisory Board.


  • The Vice President, Development shall advise the Executive Committee on new, long-term projects for the Society and shall be appointed by the President, with the advice of the Advisory Board, for a three-year term in the first instance, with the option for renewal for a second three-year term.


Click on this link to record your candidates: SSAWW Nominations Form

The window for collecting nominations is three weeks. Please contact any of us if you have questions.

Thank you on behalf SSAWW!

Christine Grogan, Advisory Board, cgrogan@udel.edu

Maria Sanchez, SSAWW Vice-President, mcsanche@uncg.edu

Sandy Zagarell, SSAWW President, szagarel@oberlin.edu

Call for Submissions: SSAWW Triennial Conference Graduate Student Paper Award (Deadline: 12.14.2018)

Call for Submissions:

SSAWW Triennial Conference

Graduate Student Paper Award

Every three years, after the SSAWW Triennial Conference, we invite submissions to be considered for the SSAWW Graduate Student Paper Award, awarded to the best paper presented by a graduate student at the conference. This award brings public recognition (on the SSAWW website) as well as a monetary prize for the first-place ($250.00) and second-place ($150.00) winners. Note that this award is separate from the Legacy awards mentioned above.

Papers should be submitted after the conference and should include: 1) the paper presented (no more than 2500 words, not including the content of the Works Cited page), 2) the name of the panel, and 3) the author’s contact information (name, institution, degree program, and E-mail address). Participants are welcome to revise their papers from their conference form but should not exceed the 2500-word limit. A committee of SSAWW members will read the submissions and select the award recipients.

The deadline for submission is December 14, 2018. Please contact the Vice President of Development at ssaww.vpdevelopment@gmail.com regarding any inquiries or to submit your work for consideration. The award announcement will occur in March 2019 on the SSAWW website.

SSAWW Announcement: Call for SSAWW Officer Nominations (11.30.2018)

SSAWW Announcement
Call for Nominations

Nominations: open until November 30th, 2018

Voting begins: December 1st, 2018

Voting ends: December 21st, 2018

For the 2018 SSAWW Triennial Conference, the SSAWW Nominations Committee is pleased to issue this call for nominations for the 2018 election of SSAWW Officers. To facilitate a transparent and democratic process, the vote is open to all current SSAWW members who will receive a link to the ballot and the nominees’ information on December 1st, 2018 when voting begins.

Thus, the “call for nominations” is issued for the positions of: President; Vice President of Organizational Matters; and Vice President of Publications. We urge you to consider running or to nominate an active SSAWW member for one of the above named positions, please send your nomination to: ssaww.nominations@gmail.com. Deadline for nominations is November 30th, 2018.

Nominees will need to submit a vision statement (no more than 250 words), and a brief biographical statement (no more than 150 words).

For your consideration, please find below excerpts from the SSAWW Constitution regarding the elected positions and duties:

Article II: Officers
Section 1:
The elected officers shall be the President; Vice President, Organizational Matters; and Vice President, Publications.

Section 2:
The President shall be elected by a majority of the members and shall serve a three-year term. The President shall preside at meetings of the Society and of the Advisory Board. It shall be the President’s duty to formulate policies and projects for presentation to the Board and to fulfill the chartered obligations and purposes of the Society. In filling this and any other Association responsibility, the President may call upon other officers, members of the Executive Council, and such ad hoc committees as the President may wish to appoint, for assistance.

Section 3:
The Vice President, Organizational Matters and Vice President, Publications shall be elected by a majority of the voting members and each shall be elected for a three-year term. The Vice President, Organizational Matters, shall assist the President at meetings of the Society and of the Advisory Board and in formulating policies and projects for presentation to the Board and to fulfill the chartered obligations of the Society. The Vice President, Publications, shall assist the president at meetings of the Society and of the Advisory Board and shall be responsible for the production and distribution of the biannual newsletter, shall maintain the Society website, and shall, with the advice of the Officers and Advisory Board, oversee any publications projects that the Society undertakes.

Liminality, Hybridity, & American Women’s Literature (Palgrave)

Liminality, Hybridity, & American Women’s Literature (Palgrave)
Eds. K. J. Jacobson, K. Allukian, R. Legleitner, L. Allison 

SPECIAL OFFER – Get 20% off the printed book or eBook on palgrave.com .

Use the following token on palgrave.com PM18TWENTY4 / Valid Nov 7, 2018 – Dec 5, 2018

You can purchase this collection inspired by the SSAWW 2015 conference theme with the discount code – HERE

This book highlights the multiplicity of American women’s writing related to liminality and hybridity from its beginnings to the contemporary moment. Often informed by notions of crossing, intersectionality, transition, and transformation, these concepts as they appear in American women’s writing contest as well as perpetuate exclusionary practices involving class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sex, among other variables. The collection’s introduction, three unit introductions, fourteen individual essays, and afterward facilitate a process of encounters, engagements, and conversations within, between, among, and across the rich polyphony that constitutes the creative acts of American women writers. The contributors offer fresh perspectives on canonical writers as well as introduce readers to new authors. As a whole, the collection demonstrates American women’s writing is “threshold writing,” or writing that occupies a liminal, hybrid space that both delimits borders and offers enticing openings.