2009 Awards

SSAWW Best Graduate Student Paper Award 2009
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SSAWW is pleased to announce the first and second place winners and honorable mentions for the Best Graduate Student Paper of the Fall 2009 SSAWW conference, which was held in Philadelphia, PA. Please join us in congratulating them on their achievement.

Arielle Zibrak, Boston University: “‘The Scrap That You Reject’: Recycling Waste in Rebecca Harding Davis’s *Life in the Iron Mills*”

Anne Brubaker, University of Illinois-Urbana: “Balancing the Equation: Women Bookkeepers in Early Twentieth-Century American Fiction”

Rita Williams, University of Delaware: “Julia Ward Howe’s A Trip to Cuba: Troubling the Borders of Region and Nation”

Yoon Young Choi, University of Wisconsin: “Remembering Outside the News: History, Nation, and Newsmedia in Susan Choi’s *American Woman*”

The selection committee, comprised of Deborah Clarke, Allison Hedge Coke, and Kristin Jacobson, wish to thank all the graduate students who submitted papers. The committee enjoyed the opportunity to read the research of emerging scholars. There were many excellent submissions, and it was a pleasure to read them all. SSAWW has a strong commitment to contribute to graduate student success and we welcome feedback about how to continue to support your scholarship. Contact Kristin Jacobson (jacobsok@stockton.edu) with your comments and suggestions.

–Kristin Jacobson, SSAWW VP for Development