SSAWW 2015

thanks The Library Company of Philadelphia for the Thursday night reception in a wonderful setting; there are many opportunities for research on American women writers at the Library Company. Information on research fellowships can be found on the Library Company’s website:

A few more conference details:

Reminder that all conference information is available here:

  • Please note that the Book exhibit opens each day at 8, not 8:30.
  • We only have 10 minutes between sessions; please try to vacate the session rooms in a timely manner at the end of the session so that the next panel can come in. Conversations can continue in the foyer.
  • Some of the sessions are in large rooms. Please sit near the front, closer to the presenters, whenever possible.
  • Signup for Chat with an Editor is ongoing throughout the conference until slots are filled:
  • There will be a table in the Book exhibit area for SSAWW attendees to put out hard copy materials of cfps etc.
  • The Celebrate SSAWW reception on Saturday begins at 4:30.
  • For those staying at the Sheraton our agreement includes free wifi in guest rooms. When checking in, let hotel reception know that you are with SSAWW, and when checking out, check your bill to ensure that the wifi cost has been taken off.

We look forward to seeing you very soon at SSAWW 2015

Library Company event at SSAWW 2015 – suggestion for spreading out attendance

Dear Conference Participants,

We look forward with pleasure to seeing you in Philadelphia next week and to hearing the many exciting panels and papers on the program

A note on the Library Company event on Thursday evening, 6 to 8: The Library Company sees the event as an “Open House” for those who have rsvp’d to view the current exhibition, and enjoy refreshments that they are generously providing.

Since there is no formal program, we would like to ensure the viewing pleasure of the exhibit, Fashioning Philadelphia: The Style of the City and are suggesting that we spread out the attendance over the two hours. To that end, we ask that if you present on Thursday or Friday morning, you arrive closer to 6, and if you are delivering your presentation on Friday afternoon or Saturday, that you come by the Library Company closer to 6:45. This is just a suggestion and we certainly do not wish to disrupt groups who wish to go over together or who have dinner plans together for after the exhibit.

For those who registered after capacity for this event was reached, please remember that the Library Company is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the conference from 9- 4:45 and admission is free. The exhibit’s focus is on the city’s contribution to the early fashion industry, from the mid-18th through the early-20th century; it features Sarah Josepha Hale and Godey’s, among other women.

Reminder, too, that Friday night Awards Ceremony and Keynote Reception in the Hamilton Room of the Sheraton is from 5:45 – 7, with hors-d’oeuvres and a cash bar. This will be followed by our keynote speaker, Ana Castillo.

And Saturday night is our Celebrate SSAWW reception in the Ballroom from 4:30 to 6. Refreshments will again be available with a cash bar.

And please come by for Sunday morning coffee and talk in the Flower room between 8:30 and 11.

SSAWW 2015 update – October 28

We very much look forward to seeing you soon at SSAWW 2015

Program – SSAWW 2015 Nov 4 – 8

Onsite conference registration and day passes are available here:

For conference information on the following, please go to:

  • Guest passes and single day registration for those not on the program
  • Sign up for “Chat with an Editor” sessions
  • Chair and Presenter Guidelines
  • Transportation Information for SSAWW Conference 2015
  • Keynote Speaker: Ana Castillo
  • Philadelphia’s local attractions guide and Walking Tour booklet
  • Receipts
  • Hotel Updates – posted July 30 – New Updates, Sept 1 SSAWW 2015
  • Student and childcare subsidies
  • Student Travel Award Donations

*Sign-up Now to Chat with an Editor at SSAWW 2015*

Do you have questions about any aspect of publishing in a scholarly journal? Would you like an editor to look over the abstract and/or introduction to an article you’re thinking of sending out to a journal? Would you like advice about turning a dissertation chapter into a publishable article? Sign up here (or use the link that follows this description) to meet with editors of different scholarly journals. Sessions will last 20 minutes, and please, if relevant, bring a copy of your intro/abstract to the session.

We ask that you sign up for only one session at this time to allow as many conference attendees as possible to participate. On Friday of the conference, you can sign up for additional spaces if there are some left.


Mentoring Breakfast Information SSAWW 2015

The Mentoring Breakfast and / or the Lunch can be added to conference registrations until this Friday, October 23rd when online registrations closes.

The Mentoring Table Topics offer a rich array of relevant topics to interest us all. Thank you to those who are facilitating them.

Here is the process for the Mentoring Breakfast for those of you who are already attending:

We ask that each of you choose three table topics, and that you be prepared to participate in any one of them. If your first choice is filled by the time you arrive at the table, please go to your second choice. We will likely have two tables per some topics, and after people have finished eating, extra chairs can be drawn around the table with the facilitator(s).

Breakfast seating is eight people at a table.

Here again are the topics:

Mentoring Breakfast, Friday morning, 7:20- 8:50

Table Topics (in alphabetical order):

The Demands of Service: Tips for Time Management and ‎Avoiding Burn-Out

– Facilitated by Barb McKaskill

 Digital Humanities I: “How to learn more about DH and how to develop a DH project

– Facilitated by Paul Ohler

Digital Humanities II: “Archives and Other Digital Projects”

– Facilitated by Martha Nell Smith

“Flourishing in Alternative Careers for PhDs”

– Facilitated by Gail K. Smith

“Forming Societies – Authors and Areas”

– Facilitated by Sharon Harris and Sarah Olivier

“Getting over ‘Associate:’ Promotion to Full Professor”

– Facilitated by Karen Kilcup

“The Job Search”

– Facilitated by Heidi Hanrahan and Rickie-Ann Legleitner

“Motherhood and the Academic Career”

– Facilitated by Phyllis Cole and Miranda Green-Barteet

“The Online Academic Presence – Social Media and Professional Websites”

– Facilitated by Donna Campbell and Kristin Jacobson

Publishing I: “Peer-reviewed articles”

– Facilitated by Shirley Samuels

Publishing II: “The Book Project”

– Facilitated by Koritha Mitchell

“Retirement: Planning and Working

– Facilitated by Susan K. Harris

SSAWW 2015 Update – Notes on Presentation times and Chair guidelines

Dear Conference Participants,

As the conference approaches, below are a few notes about the panels and presentations:

Paper lengths for panels: panels are either three or four person panels. All four person panels and some three person panels are in an 80 minute time slot.  Most three person panels are in a 75 minute time slot.

We are asking most presenters to keep their papers to no more than 16-17 minutes to ensure that there is time for discussion at the panel’s end. It takes about 2 minutes to read a double-spaced page.

Presenters in the three person panels in the 80 minute block can take a bit longer if they wish – up to a maximum of 20 minutes but 18 would probably be more workable.

We are asking chairs to enforce the time allotments politely but firmly to ensure that all presenters have the same amount of time before the discussion.

For roundtables, please ask your chair about time limits

Brief biographies: Presenters, if you are not in touch with your chair in advance, please bring a brief biography (two sentences or so) with you to the panel that the panel chair can use to introduce you. The biography should consist of whatever you would like the chair to say about you.

A few notes for chairs:

If possible, please get to the panel a few minutes before it begins to introduce yourself to the panelists; if you have not been in touch with the panelists in advance, please be sure to ask for the biographies before the session; also ask any panelists who are using a/v to check if all is well with it.

To get help with the a/v, please alert any hotel staff that the room needs a/v troubleshooting right away or tell the conference registration desk who will contact a/v.

Please ensure that the time allotments as indicated above are followed, and remind your presenters at the start of the session that you will be enforcing times. For presenters who seem uncertain of the length of their paper, suggest a way to signal them when they have two minutes left. Passing a note is usually helpful and not too distracting. If they go over, provide a warning (again a note saying you are going to interrupt is helpful) and then move on to the next presenter suggesting that outstanding points can be taken up in the discussion.

Moderate the discussion after all papers have been read.  Try to ensure that all panelists have a chance to respond to questions. Presenters often have questions to ask of each other and this is also a good way to ensure all panelists become involved in the discussion.

With sincere thanks to you all, we look forward to Philadelphia!

These notes and other conference details can be found on the conference webpage:

SSAWW 2015 updates: Oct. draft schedule; online registration update

Dear conference participants,

We look forward to seeing you all in Philadelphia for SSAWW’s Triennial Conference in a few weeks. Here is the updated program schedule. As we worked to make some adjustments, we were again impressed by the exciting presentations that make up the conference program.

Please check your entry carefully in case there have been any changes. Chairs, please also note that some of the participants on your panels may have changed.

SSAWW 2015 Draft Oct15-post

A few other notes:

The last day for conference registration through Wisconsin’s online service is Friday, October 23rd:

Onsite registration will be available during conference registration desk hours. Please note that we can accept payment by cash or credit card only.

Guest passes are available to family members / friends who wish to hear a particular presentation. While not absolutely necessary, we would appreciate knowing guest names in advance. They can pick up their passes at the conference registration desk.

Guests who wish to stay for the entire day’s activities beyond the single session are asked to purchase a single day pass.

Single day passes are available to anyone not on the program: $45.00 – regular; $25.00 – student.

For other conference details, including transportation information, please go to: and scroll down.

More to come in the next few days.

With all best wishes,

The conference organizing committee

SSAWW Conference 2015 Keynote Speaker Reminder

ANA CASTILLO, poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, editor, playwright, translator and independent scholar, is the Keynote Speaker – SSAWW Conference 2015.

Castillo’s distinguished titles include: The Mixquiahuala Letters; So Far From God; The Guardians; Peel My Love like an OnionI Ask the Impossible, among others.

She is editor of La Tolteca, an arts and literary ‘zine dedicated to the advancement of a world without borders and censorship and she is on the advisory board of the new American Writers Museum in D.C.

Amongst many other awards, she is the 2013 Recipient of the American Studies Association Gloria Anzaldúa Prize to an independent scholar. In June 2015, Ana Castillo was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in literature for her “literary contributions to the Latino/a community, and commitment to the betterment of our younger generations” by Latina 50 Plus, a motivational organization based in the Bronx, NY.

Her novel, GIVE IT TO ME was released in May, 2014 by The Feminist Press, NY, and her classic, award winning collection of essays Massacre of the Dreamers, was re-released in November, 2014, in a 20th anniversary updated edition (UNMP). She has forthcoming works in 2016.

Adapted from

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SSAWW Conference 2015 – Local Attractions Guide

Philadelphia’s attractions for conference participants are many. Here is the link to our local attractions guide prepared by conference local rep, Rachel Collins (Arcadia):

ssaww philly conference local attractions for website (1)

Please register and become a SSAWW member / renew your membership by October 2nd

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