CFP: Colloquy with Lindsay DiCuirci on “Colonial Revivals” (Deadline: 9.17.2021)

CFP: Couple of seats are available on this colloquy
with Lindsay DiCuirci on Colonial Revivals:
The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books, at
the next ASECS conference (Baltimore, March 31-April 2022)

  Rather than presenting a paper, each participant in this interdisciplinary roundtable, including Lindsay DiCuirci, author of Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books — recipient of the 2020 Early American Literature Book Prize and of the 2020 First Book Award from the Library Company of Philadelphia — will make a four- or five-minute opening statement that lays out a specific issue or question related to this book. This approach liberates the book’s author from having to serve as The Respondent; rather, the brief opening statements set off a lively, substantive discussion that engages members of the audience as well as panelists. Session organizer Dennis Moore, a past president of the Society of Early Americanists and 2017 recipient of ASECS’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentorship, has shamelessly appropriated this format from the Joyceans’ “Living Book Reviews.” In organizing dozens of panels along these lines — most recently as part of the SEA’s 2021 conference, via Zoom, on the recipient of the 2018 Early American Literature Book Prize, Caroline Wigginton’s In the Neighborhood: Women’s Publication in Early America, and, in 2019 at the Denver ASECS, on Tita Chico’s The Experimental Imagination: Literary Knowledge and Science in the British Enlightenment (Stanford, 2018) — he has found it crucial to avoid two extremes: on the one hand, assembling a tableful of sycophants ready to drool on cue and/or the author, and, on the other, assembling a lineup that would include someone intent on an academic ambush: trashing author over her or his methods, conclusions, and maybe parents. No fan club, then, and no food fights.

Serious inquiries about having a seat at the table to no later than September 17, please and thank you.

  University Distinguished Teaching Professor