CFP for Reproductive Justice and Literature Handbook (Abstract Deadline: 3.15.2020)

We seek contributing authors for a handbook on Reproductive Justice and Literature to be edited by Laura Lazzari and Beth Widmaier Capo and published by Palgrave Macmillan. This handbook will include essays of 8,000-10,000 words each that analyze reproductive justice issues as they play out across and through literature. Essays may consider any period, genre, or cultural context in literature, but must situate the works in the specific reproductive justice framework (i.e. if discussing surrogacy within contemporary American novels, the relevant legal and social framework should be clearly explained).

This text is meant to be a resource to scholars, teachers, and students in a wide range of fields, including literature and social justice, literature and reproduction, cultural studies, women’s and gender studies, literature and law, reproductive rights and gender justice, literature and gender, literature and human rights, and motherhood studies. We invite abstracts for proposed chapters on literature and topics such as (but not limited to):

Reproductive control/managing fertility
-Health care: general, prenatal, postnatal
-Access to healthcare, birth control and access to reproductive technologies
-Miscarriage and perinatal death
-Reproductive technologies
-Birth control and sterilization
-Abortion and selective abortion
-Childbirth: medicalization of childbirth; obstetric violence; birth trauma
-Maternal mortality

Right to parent
-Infertility: who has the right to become a parent?
-Parenting, childcare
-Adoption, international adoption, and foster care
-Surrogacy and International Surrogacy
-Single mothers
-Same sex couples
-Teenage mothers
-Welfare families
-LatinX and women of color
-Rights of the children

Other possible chapters
-Reproductive Justice and ethics
-Neoliberalism and reproductive justice
-Reproductive justice in dystopian, utopian, and sci-fiction literature
-Reproductive justice in children’s and YA literature

Please send a 500 word abstract, 3-5 keywords, and a short biography by March 15, 2020 to and We are happy to answer any questions.