CFP: NeMLA “Stages and Ages: Challenges for Women in the Academy” (Deadline 9.30.2018)

CFP: 2019 Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Convention Call for Proposals: “Stages and Ages: Challenges for Women in the Academy” (Roundtable)

Although much has changed in the academy in the last fifty years, many struggles related to gender and the “traditional notions” of the roles women fulfill and the roles men fulfill in the academy have remained strikingly rigid, to the detriment of individuals as well as to the collective institution. Women still bear a service burden disproportionate to that of their male colleagues, still struggle with childbearing and childrearing choices that men in the academy do not face in the same way, and still face sexism and sexual harassment that their male counterparts escape. For women of color, the burdens are magnified. This roundtable will ideally bring together women from a variety of stages and ages in their careers to discuss the unique challenges faced by women throughout their academic careers. The aim of the roundtable is to lend support to women at various stages of their careers and to provide participants in the session with tools to use in forging the paths of their own personal lives and careers.

Please submit abstracts for Session 17422 by September 30 via the NeMLA web site at

Terry Novak, Ph.D. Professor, English
Chair, University Curriculum Committee
Johnson & Wales University