CFP: Margaret Fuller Society – Special Conversations issue in Honor of Jeffrey Steele (Deadline: 8.1.2018)

Call for Submissions:

Special Conversations issue in Honor of Jeffrey Steele

 We are planning to dedicate the next issue (Fall 2018) of Conversations: The Newsletter of the Margaret Fuller Society to our late colleague, Jeff Steele, a founding member of the Margaret Fuller Society and former president. We wish to pay tribute to Jeff’s life, scholarship, and legacy in this issue.

Jeff’s work extended far beyond the reaches of the Margaret Fuller Society, and so I am inviting submissions from those of you who knew Jeff personally, those who worked with him, and/or those who were shaped by his work. The more contributions we receive, the better we will be able to honor Jeff. This is an open call for submissions, which may take many forms, including:

·      personal recollections

·      a critical assessment/review of one or more of Jeff’s books/articles

·      photographs

·      information on Jeff’s role in the early formation and growth of the Margaret Fuller Society and/or his further contributions to the society (or any other society in which he was active, including SSAWW)

·      a critical essay of your own which draws on Jeff’s ideas and scholarship

·      an exploration of how you may have used The Essential Margaret Fuller in the classroom

·      any other ideas that you may have as to how we can honor Jeff in this issue of Conversations

Details on How to Contribute:

·      Submissions and ideas should be sent to Katie Kornacki, Editor of Conversations, at with “newsletter” in the subject line

·      Submissions received by August 1, 2018 will be considered

·      You can view past issues of Conversations on the Margaret Fuller Society website: