SSAWW 2018 Triennial Conference Announcements and Updates

The latest draft of the conference program has been posted to the conference website here.
Please note that the sessions with A/V have been streamlined to minimize otherwise exorbitant costs; those who originally requested A/V were contacted via E-mail to determine whether it was still necessary, and we thank you all for your cooperation as we negotiated that process. At this time, we encourage those without A/V who need to provide visuals to develop a handout for distribution at the event.
For those who have not yet registered/paid for the conference, we encourage you to do so soon. Should your status have changed, please let me, Christopher Allen Varlack, know at as soon as possible, as we are soon sending the program to the printers.

The 2018 SSAWW Triennial Conference is quickly approaching, and we look forward to the many thought-provoking conversations that will emerge as we venture into the Mile High City. The conference program is entering into its final stages, so those interested in making any final adjustments to their affiliation, paper title, or E-mail address should contact the Vice President of Development at with those requested changes no later than October 1, 2018.

In addition, we would like to encourage participants who have not done so already to complete their registration and payment for the conference so that we can have a more accurate headcount as we finalize meeting spaces, food and beverage options, etc. with the hotel. Should you unfortunately need to withdraw from the conference, we would also appreciate advanced notification, if possible, so that we can make adjustments to the sessions offered before printing the programs. Thank you, as always, for your continued support of SSAWW and our mission. We look forward to meeting you all in Denver.

PROGRAM: View the most recent draft of the conference program – Here
GRADUATE STUDENTS: In May, we posted our initial call for a graduate student service opportunity, enabling selected graduate students to serve four hours at the registration desk or art exhibition room in exchange for a full registration waiver to the 2018 SSAWW Triennial Conference. After reviewing the applications received, we are still in need of one graduate student to work the art exhibition at all four of the following times: Thursday from 8:00-9:00 AM, Thursday from 9:00-10:00 AM, Thursday from 12:00-1:00 PM, and Friday from 8:00-9:00 AM. Please contact Christopher Allen Varlack, Program Director, at if interested in this opportunity.

Sign-up sheets now available for the following conference events

SSAWW 2018 Triennial Conference – Artist Workshops

SSAWW 2018 Triennial Conference – “Chat with an Editor” 

SSAWW 2018 Triennial Conference – “Mock Interview Sessions”


Reservations for the conference hotel can now be made online. Please visit the conference website for additional information here.



The initial draft of the conference program for the Society for the Study of American Women Writers 2018 Triennial Conference  is now available on our conference website along with conference registration information (HERE) .

For those interested, there are still opportunities to serve (typically items listed in red on the program), including spaces to present as part of the pre-conference events on digital humanities and globalizing American women writers, to serve as a facilitator or session chair, etc.

To volunteer or to address any questions/concerns about the program itself, please reach out to the Program Director, Christopher Allen Varlack, at

Note that this early draft is subject to change, though the SSAWW Executive Committee kindly requests (if possible) that adjustments are restricted to name, affiliation, E-mail address, and paper title. The final date to request A/V for one’s session will be May 31, 2018.

Call for Mock Interviewers
In addition to offering a CV workshop, at this year’s SSAWW Triennial Conference, we will be hosting mock interview sessions (by advanced registration) in order to support those entering this highly competitive job market. With interview season occurring in the weeks following the conference, this is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the real job market experience while also receiving invaluable feedback for growth.
We are therefore looking for participants to serve as interviewers for twenty-minute mock interviews. For those interested in serving in this capacity, please contact the Program Director, Christopher Allen Varlack, at, providing a copy of your CV for review. The deadline to volunteer is May 31, 2018.

Call for Participants: Pre-Conference Events
For the SSAWW 2018 Triennial Conference, the Executive Committee is planning two exciting pre-conference events on Wednesday evening in an effort to stimulate conversation but also promote inquiry into areas that we have targeted for growth in future SSAWW endeavors (conferences, publications, etc.).
The first event is a roundtable on promoting public and digital humanities. The second event is a roundtable on globalizing American women writers. Participants will have approximately six to eight minutes to present before we open up the floor to questions, comments, and conversation in a relatively relaxed setting at the Westin Denver Downtown V’s Lounge.
For those interested in participating on either roundtable, please contact the Program Director, Christopher Allen Varlack, at, indicating which pre-conference event you are interested in joining, a presentation title, and a brief summary (no more than one hundred words) for your proposed presentation. We hope to have five to seven presenters for each event to kick off yet another incredible SSAWW conference.

Call for Reviewers – CV Workshop

Plans are moving full speed ahead for the SSAWW Triennial Conference and a draft of the program is forthcoming (at the beginning of next month). In an ongoing effort to support our graduate students and those entering this highly competitive job market in 2019, we are including a CV workshop as part of the conference on Sunday, November 11, 2018. Though interested participants will be eligible to sign up for a consultation at the conference registration desk throughout the conference, we would like to begin lining up reviewers in advance.

Those interested in serving as reviewers should contact the VP of Development, Christopher Allen Varlack, at and provide a copy of your CV by April 30, 2018. We will select experienced reviewers across a wide range of teaching/research interests. Thank you, as always, for your support of SSAWW and the next generation of teachers, scholars, and innovators in the field.

Member Advertisements in the Conference Program: April 3, 2018

We are offering special rates for members who want to purchase ad space in our conference program. Please find all the details and information here.

2018 SSAWW Triennial Conference: Update March 15, 2018

Preparations are underway for the Society for the Study of American Women Writers Triennial Conference in Denver, CO, and I wanted to take a moment to update our members regarding our process and some of the exciting developments that you can look forward to later this year.

In early January, we issued a call for reviewers to help in the process of evaluating the numerous individual paper, panel, and roundtable proposals that we were beginning to receive for the 2018 conference. The incredible response from our membership resulted in nearly fifty reviewers from across the world volunteering to read and evaluate these proposals based upon the pre-established criteria provided them. Reviewers examined each proposal based upon relevance to the theme of the conference (resistance and recovery of American women writers across the Americas), the overall relevance to our SSAWW mission, the innovation of the proposal, and the quality of the writing. For each submission, at least three reviewers were assigned, providing us a depth of insight into the strengths of each proposal and their potential placement on the conference program. We would like to offer our thanks to each of the individuals who served in this invaluable role, even participating in a second round of reviews after our extended deadline. Except in the case of clear disagreement in evaluation, I accepted the suggestions of our esteemed panel of reviewers with years of dedicated service to and expertise in the field.

After the process had been completed and we had a working draft of the conference program, we had a few remaining papers that received high marks from reviewers but that did not form complete panels. In our mission for inclusivity, I elected to develop a request for specific proposals on the topics of 1) a pedagogy of resistance and care, 2) American women writers on gender, race, and religion, and 3) citizenship and resistance to oppressive regimes. The deadline for submissions is March 16, 2018. Rather than electing to add a respondent in order to complete those sessions, I wanted to once again extend the opportunity for more scholars and voices to potentially participate in the program. We are pleased to have received thus far a few new proposals as well as a few revised submissions from the original round.

At this point in time, notifications for all panel, roundtable, and individual proposal submissions have been disseminated. For anyone who has submitted a proposal and has not received a formal response, please contact me directly at; some individuals did note technical difficulties in using the Google Forms—a process that we will continue to refine for the future based upon the solid feedback that we received—so we want to ensure that no one fell through the cracks with the new submission process that we adopted this year.

In addition to the dynamic sessions that we have organized for the conference, we are pleased to have Ms. Staceyann Chin—the “Jamaican-Born, Brooklyn-Living, Woman-Loving, Writer/Poet, Political Activist, and Performance Artist”—join us as our keynote speaker for the event. Her work has been featured in many publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Pittsburgh Daily. Her distinguished titles include The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir and “Authenticity,” featured in Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness. Her contribution will add a unique voice and perspective to the conversation that we hope this conference will evoke. This, along with a planned art exhibition and three film screenings, we hope will result in a stirring conference program that we can talk about for the next three years.

Ultimately, as with planning and organizing any event of this size, it has been a challenging and yet rewarding experience. Through your eager participation and innovative insights into the theme of resistance and recovery, we have been able to organize a number of commanding sessions on women writers, their lasting legacy, pedagogy, and the profession, among other important topics. We look forward to an incredible conference later this year in Denver and thank you once again for your vital contributions to an event that so many great teacher-scholars anticipate over the years. More information regarding the program, hotel accommodations, and registration are forthcoming. As always, we encourage you to check the website regularly or to sign up for the listserv to get updates regarding the conference, CFPs, job announcements, and so much more. With so many ways to still become involved in the conference program (such as volunteering to evaluate CVs in our SSAWW CV Workshop), please be on the lookout for future announcements from the SSAWW Executive Committee over the coming months.

Thank you once again for your time and for your continued support of the Society for the Study of American Women Writers. It is your thoughtful contributions, after all, that enable us to advance our core mission.


Christopher Allen Varlack

Program Director, 2018 SSAWW Triennial Conference