CFP: Request for Specific Proposals – SSAWW Triennial Conference (Deadline 3.16.2018)

Request for Specific Proposals: SSAWW Triennial Conference

(due Friday, March 16, 2018)

Reviewers have completed their evaluations of the many wonderful proposals that we have received for the 2018 SSAWW Triennial Conference in Denver, and the majority of status notifications have been sent to panel chairs (for pre-formed panels and roundtables) and to individual participants (for those who submitted an individual paper proposal for consideration). At this time, we are requesting individual paper submissions on the following topics in order to complete a few incomplete panels. For those interested in participating, please send a proposal directly to Dr. Christopher Allen Varlack at by Friday, March 16, 2018.

1)      Toward a Pedagogy of Resistance and Care: promoting inclusion in higher education and addressing the challenges for women in academia

2)      American Women Writers of Color Addressing Gender, Race, and Religion: how American women writers successfully or unsuccessfully confront issues of gender oppression, racial strife, or religion across the ages

3)      Contemplating Citizenship and Resistance to Oppressive Regimes: addressing citizenship, political engagement, and resistance in Latinx literature (inside and outside of U.S. borders)