CFP: Transnationalism and Modern American Women Writers – E-rea (Deadline 5.15.2018)

Call for submission: Transnationalism and Modern American Women Writers

Keywords: American modernist women writers; Border-Crossing; Modernity; Transnationalism; Middlebrow

This volume of essays, which will be published in the December 2018 issue of the webjournal E- rea (, discusses a broad spectrum of writing by American women who engaged with modernity and national border-crossing in ways that deepen our understanding of modernist literary production of the early and middle years of the twentieth century.

The aim is to examine how women writers confronted the material, technological, and ideological acceleration of modernity both at home and abroad through a transnational perspective, i.e. by acts of transition across borders that are not only national and political, but also linguistic, cultural, racial, ethnic, or temporal. We invite work that discusses the range of their activities, such as journalism, criticism, war writing, press surveys and reviews, conference talks, translations, as well as poetry and fiction published in the periodical press.

We welcome contributions that cast fresh light on attitudes, genre, form, structure, and gender in literary writing of this period. Topics of interest can include but are not limited to the way American women writers’ experience of mobility played in the construction of national cultural identity and belonging while resisting facile opposition between “nationalist” and “internationalist” categories. One might also reflect on the importance of cross-cultural interactions in allowing women writers to participate in collective feeling and collective thinking. Contributions that address issues such as domesticity and their relation to transnationalism.

Articles should be 7,000-12,000 words, inclusive of notes.

All articles will be peer-reviewed.

Authors will conform to the webjournal’s Contributor Guidelines


Authors should submit full-length essays and a short bio to and by May 15, 2018