CFP: Syllabus/Assignment Exchange for Social Justice Pedagogy at SSAWW (Deadline 2.9.2018)

CFP: Syllabus/Assignment Exchange for Social Justice Pedagogy at SSAWW

Organized by the Lydia Maria Child Society

The Society for the Study of American Women Writer’s 2018 Triennial Conference: “Resistance and Recovery”

November 7-11, The Westin Denver Downtown, Denver, CO

The Lydia Maria Child Society seeks participants for a roundtable exchange on pedagogy, social justice, and American women writers. Considering contemporary social justice concerns ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy to persistent gender inequities and the xenophobia made all too apparent by the 2016 presidential election and the resulting anti-woman and anti-immigrant policies, the Child Society feels strongly that many of the issues for which Child fought so passionately remain deeply relevant today. To honor her lifelong commitment to both education and writing as ways to attain social change, we ask that our selected panelists share a syllabus, assignment, or lesson plan that addresses the above issues and/or others within the literature classroom. We are especially interested in materials that engage the following concerns regarding teaching and pedagogy as articulated by the SSAWW:

·      Women scholars’ resistance and work to change academic institutions

·      Resisting the canonical syllabus by diversifying the field of women writers taught in the classroom

·      Teaching beyond traditions by transcending traditional theoretical lenses, engaging new approaches to student research/scholarly production, etc.

·      Encouraging thinking beyond traditional academic silos by engaging the intersection of art, music, literature, etc. for a more interdisciplinary approach

We welcome both syllabi/assignments/lesson plans that have already been taught and those that are being planned or drafted for future use. We will ask our selected panelists to bring copies of these materials to share at the roundtable exchange, before engaging in what we hope will be a fruitful and wide-ranging discussion on social justice pedagogies and American women’s literature, recovery, and resistance.

Please send 200-word abstracts of your proposed contribution, as Word documents, to by February 9, 2018. Please describe the materials you wish to share as well as a brief explanation of how those materials fit the theme of social justice pedagogy, resistance, and/or recovery. Note that while we, of course, welcome proposals that engage with Child’s work, Child need not be included for your proposal to be considered.

LMC Society
Sarah Olivier, President
Sandy Burr: VP of Programs
Tracey-Lynn Clough: VP of Comm. & Digital Dev.
Lucy Sirianni: VP of Inclusive Excellence and Social Action