C19 Podcast Launches First Season

 The C19 Podcast has launched its first season! Please listen, subscribe, and review. You can write to us or share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #C19Podcast. We invite proposals for future episodes; I have attached the latest version of our CFP.

S01E01 | Insights into the Fifth Biennial C19 Conference

“Climate” is the theme and keyword for the Fifth Biennial C19 Conference located at Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 22-25 2018. For our inaugural episode, members of the C19 Podcast team interviewed the organizers of the upcoming conference. Hester Blum (Penn State), Jesse Aleman (UNM), and Carrie Bramen (SUNY Buffalo) share insights about the ideas behind the conference, as well as suggestions for potential conference attendees. The CFP deadline is September 15. Written and produced by Doug Guerra (SUNY Oswego), Melissa Gniadek (UToronto), and Kristie Schlauraff (Villanova).

Made possible by the C19 Podcast Subcommittee and Communications Committee.
“I am proud to finally unveil the C19 Podcast! We aspire to bring the insightful voices of the C19 community to public humanities podcasting at this moment that calls for critical and nuanced takes on the long nineteenth-century United States. This initiative is the result of over half a year of work by an amazing team dedicated to building the project from the ground up. The podcast is intended to serve our community as an accessible platform for participation and public outreach regardless of rank or level of technical experience. I do not speak of this inclusive vision lightly: I came to podcasting when I was struggling to find my own voice and place as an ABD graduate student and a woman of color in academia. The podcasting renaissance has offered myself and many others an occasion for the development of new skills, often self-taught, but more importantly, opportunities for self-exploration, collaboration, and solidarity. The C19 Podcast team consists primarily of junior, untenured scholars; I highlight our composition as a reflection of the shared passion of our field along with the structural challenges of the profession. In this spirit, we invite you to tune into this venture that seeks to be local and transnational in scope, scholarly rigorous in content but informally entertaining in tone, and both innovative in, and attentive to, the manifold considerations of the past, present, and future of our field in the world. Our first season showcases a talented range of scholars presenting episodes on fascinating topics – for many, this is their first podcasting experience. May these episodes energize you at the start of the academic year and continue to revitalize you as a listener thereafter. We hope you will be inspired to add your voice to the rich and polyphonic community amplified by the C19 Podcast.  

My gratitude to C19 Podcast Subcommittee members Melissa Gniadek, Doug Guerra, Kristie Schlauraff, Mark Sussman, and Matthew Teutsch. Additional thanks to our Advisory Council members Colleen Boggs, Jonathan Elmer, Travis Foster, and Thomas Ruys Smith.”
Christine “Xine” Yao