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New Articles (Spring and Summer 2016)

New Articles (Spring and Summer 2016)

Bannett, Nina. “Reclaiming Sentimentalism in Edith Wharton’s Summer.” The Edith Wharton Review,  31.1-2 (2015): 29-56.

Blockett. Kimberly. “Disrupting Print: Emigration, the Press, and Narrative Subjectivity in the British Preaching and Writing of Zilpha Elaw, 1840-1860s.”  MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States (Fall 2015) 40 (3): 94-109.

Drizou, Myrto. “Citizenship in the ‘Land of Letters’: Edith Wharton’s Literary Home in Exile.” Critical Insights: American Writers in Exile. Eds. Jeff Birkenstein and Robert Hauhart. Amenia, NY: Salem Press, 2015. 73-87.

Campbell, Donna M. “Experimental Narratives: ‘Samuel.’” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Jack London. Ed. Jeanne Campbell Reesman and Kenneth Brandt. New York: Modern Language Association, 2015. [includes parallels to regional fiction by Jewett, Wharton, and Rose Terry Cooke]

Foster, Travis M. “Jewett’s Natural History of Sexuality.” History of the Present 5.2 (2015): 169–186.

Mitchell, Koritha. “Keep Claiming Space!College Language Association Journal.”Hands Up. Don’t Shoot!” special issue 58.4 (2015): 229-44.

Robbins, Sarah. “Social Action in Cross-Regional Letter Writing: Ednah Cheney’s Correspondence with Post-Bellum Teachers in the US South.” The Edinburgh Companion to Nineteenth-Century American Letters and Letter-Writing.  Edited by Celeste-Marie Bernie, Judie Newman, and Matthew Pethers. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016. 287-301.

Vigiletti, Elyse. “Edna Ferber and the Problems of the Middlebrow.” Studies in the Novel 48.1 (2016): 65-85. 

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