CFP: Roundtable Proposals for Bordeaux SSAWW Conference

CFP: Susan K. Harris is seeking panelists/topics  for two roundtable panel proposals that she would like to submit for the SSAWW Conference, Universite Bordeaux Montaigne, France, July 5-8, 2017.  Please reply to .  Remember to specify to which panel you are applying!

1.      Lighting Out for the Territories I: taking our skills out of the academy and into the world

This round-table discussion would focus on the “border crossings” inherent in two common academic situations: PHDs of working age who seek employment outside the university and retired faculty seeking to use their accumulated skills in new directions.  Rather than treating these two groups as separate entities, this panel—ideally composed of a mix of both–would bring them together for creative, cross-generational brainstorming.  One possible talking point includes “translating” the work we do for a different audience: thinking for instance, about how our ability to create a working group out of a class of disparate individuals translates into “management” and “community building” skill sets.  Another might examine the relationship between academic and “worldly” forms of research and writing.  Interested participants should be prepared to discuss one aspect of the transitional process for five minutes, as their opening contribution to a full-panel and audience engagement with the issue.

Proposals, CV, and contact information due June 22. Please send them directly to Susan Harris ( 

2.      Lighting Out for the Territories II: Taking Our Writing Out of the Academy

We know a lot.  And we write a lot.  But the academic audience is small, and our ability to broadcast our interests beyond it are limited.  Most literature specialists never manage to reach a general audience.  In contrast, historians and investigative journalists have a wide, sometimes global reach.  How can we rethink our materials and our writing styles to appeal to readerships beyond our specialties?  This roundtable would discuss the “hows” and “whys” of training ourselves to cross genre borders. Interested panelists should have some experience with retooling their specialties for a non-academic audience.

Proposals, CV, and contact information due June 22. Please send them directly to Susan Harris (