CFP: Kay Boyle Society at ALA 2017

CFP: ALA 2017 Conference

Boston, Mass.

2017:    Boston, MA.  May 25-28, 2017

Panel proposal: “Kay Boyle and Surrealism”

Kay Boyle’s life in Europe (1923-1941) brought her in close contact with the avant-gardes, including particular with French Surrealism. Through her collaboration to Eugene Jolas’s international little magazine transition, in particular, she was able to measure the influence of and resistance to Surrealism in the shaping of a new American literary avant-garde. This panel will examine the potential impact of surrealist aesthetics on Boyle’s writing, from her early stories and novels to the very intriguing Monday Night (1940).

We invite 20 minute papers on Kay Boyle’s surrealistic poetics. Suggested topics and themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Boyle/ Surrealism / transition
  • Converging or contradictory legacies: Poe or Surrealism?
  • Boyle’s “marvelous”
  • Realism and Surrealism in Boyle’s writings
  • Early vs. late surrealist elements in the work of Kay Boyle