CFP: Gale eBook Series on 19c. American Literature (3.18.16)

We are looking for nineteenth-century American scholars who are interested in contributing to a series of textbooks for Gale, a division of Cengage Learning. We’re currently working to create a 10 volume series of eBooks (targeted at undergrads) on American Literature prior to 1900.  Gale is interested in scholars who can write succinctly and clearly for an undergraduate audience. We are looking both for authors to write original essays and to revise essays currently owned by Gale.  The deadline for essays is short: they would be due by March 18th, 2016.  You will be credited as the author and/or co-author of the essay and there a modest remuneration.

If you are interested, please contact Greta Gard at and send her a list of your areas of expertise and a brief (1-2 page) CV.

thank you!
Laura Leibman, Series Editor

Laura Arnold Leibman, Professor of English and Humanities
Reed College