SSAWW CFP for MLA 2017 Special Session

American Women Writers’ Boundary Conditions

Special Session
Boundaries that define/challenge the category of American women writers, any period/genre. Special session proposed by the Society for the Study of American Women Writers. 500 word abstract by 1 March 2016; Kristin J. Jacobson (
Please share and submit abstracts
Topics might include author(s), text(s), and/or teaching approach(es) that define/challenge:
  • the category of American “woman”:
    • a cisgender male or gender-queer author/text that should be included under the rubric of AWW
    • a cisgender female author/text that clarifies the (continued/strategic) essentialist need for scholarship on AWWs and/or who has been excluded from study;
  • the category of “American” woman:
    • the criterion that defines/should define a text/author as “American” within the field of AWW and our organization;
  • the categories of “American” and “woman” writer:
    • a text/author that helps define or challenges both core categories of the field.