CFP: Teaching Western American Literature (essay collection; proposals by 5.1.16)

CFP: Teaching Western American Literature 

We invite submissions for a proposed collection of essays on teaching western American literature.  If, as scholars and teachers of Western literatures and cultures, we regularly share our research, we perhaps do not as often get the chance to share new and innovative strategies for teaching courses or individual works in Western studies.  Our volume seeks to fill this gap by offering a range of essays on teaching Western literatures and cultures that will appeal to specialists and non-specialists, faculty and graduate students, and experienced and inexperienced instructors alike.  We are particularly interested in critically, historically, and theoretically informed essays that address practical aspects of course, assignment, and/or curricular design and that offer pioneering (or tried-and-true) strategies and approaches to specific pedagogical issues, subfields, classroom technologies, secondary or supplementary materials, authors, and texts.  We also welcome essays that offer strategies for bringing Western literary and cultural studies and courses into the broader disciplines of literary and cultural studies.

Possible essay topics include approaches to teaching:


•             Indigenous writing of and about the west

•             Pre-1900 western literature and chronological definitions of western literature

•             Gender, feminism, and queer approaches to western literature

•             Western literatures as counter-histories

•             Borders, frontiers, and geographical definitions of the west

•             Place, identity, and critical regionalism

•             Westerns and the post-west

•             Visual culture and images of the west

•             Literature and environment

•             Western Studies and Disability Studies

•             Racial, ethnic, and religious difference in western literature

•             The west in local, national, and global contexts

•             Teaching western literature to millennial students, veterans, and first-generation college students


250-500 word proposals should be sent to the editors by May 1, 2016. For those asked to contribute to the collection, we anticipate that completed essays of approximately 20 pages (MLA formatting) will be due by Nov. 15, 2016.


Randi Tanglen                                                                    Brady Harrison

Department of English                                                   Department of English

Austin College                                                                   University of Montana

Sherman, TX 75090                                                          Missoula, MT 59812