Mentoring Breakfast Information SSAWW 2015

The Mentoring Breakfast and / or the Lunch can be added to conference registrations until this Friday, October 23rd when online registrations closes.

The Mentoring Table Topics offer a rich array of relevant topics to interest us all. Thank you to those who are facilitating them.

Here is the process for the Mentoring Breakfast for those of you who are already attending:

We ask that each of you choose three table topics, and that you be prepared to participate in any one of them. If your first choice is filled by the time you arrive at the table, please go to your second choice. We will likely have two tables per some topics, and after people have finished eating, extra chairs can be drawn around the table with the facilitator(s).

Breakfast seating is eight people at a table.

Here again are the topics:

Mentoring Breakfast, Friday morning, 7:20- 8:50

Table Topics (in alphabetical order):

The Demands of Service: Tips for Time Management and ‎Avoiding Burn-Out

– Facilitated by Barb McKaskill

 Digital Humanities I: “How to learn more about DH and how to develop a DH project

– Facilitated by Paul Ohler

Digital Humanities II: “Archives and Other Digital Projects”

– Facilitated by Martha Nell Smith

“Flourishing in Alternative Careers for PhDs”

– Facilitated by Gail K. Smith

“Forming Societies – Authors and Areas”

– Facilitated by Sharon Harris and Sarah Olivier

“Getting over ‘Associate:’ Promotion to Full Professor”

– Facilitated by Karen Kilcup

“The Job Search”

– Facilitated by Heidi Hanrahan and Rickie-Ann Legleitner

“Motherhood and the Academic Career”

– Facilitated by Phyllis Cole and Miranda Green-Barteet

“The Online Academic Presence – Social Media and Professional Websites”

– Facilitated by Donna Campbell and Kristin Jacobson

Publishing I: “Peer-reviewed articles”

– Facilitated by Shirley Samuels

Publishing II: “The Book Project”

– Facilitated by Koritha Mitchell

“Retirement: Planning and Working

– Facilitated by Susan K. Harris