Message from Phyllis Cole, Margaret Fuller Society President

Message from Phyllis Cole, Margaret Fuller Society President

The Margaret Fuller Society has recently heard from the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House in East Cambridge Mass. about their drastic financial need.  This is Fuller’s birth home, the place where as a child she “stopped on the stairs, and asked, “How is it that I seem to be this Margaret Fuller?”  For over a century it has served as a settlement house to a multicultural, largely poor population–the only American author house serving such a purpose.

Now the Fuller Society is responding to an appeal from the MFH to help raise $10,000 toward urgently needed structural work on their foundation, damaged in last winter’s severe weather.  A foundation has pledged to match all contributions up to that amount received BY SEPTEMBER 30, 2015.  Our board has voted to contribute as a society, and we’re also informing our members of the possibility of contributing individually.

If any SSAWW members more broadly are also be interested in this opportunity to support a vital organization and legacy of a woman writer, please read on.

The Margaret Fuller House has only crossed the halfway mark to $10,000, so further outreach seems worth doing.  Would-be contributors can mail a check to this address:

Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

71 Cherry St.

Cambridge  MA 02139

Att:  Mark Stearns, Director of Programs