SSAWW 2015 Conference Registration and SSAWW Membership

Dear Conference Participants,

As we move ever closer to the November conference, we are asking all of you who have not yet registered for the conference to please do so right way and no later than October 2nd.

We are also reminding everyone that conference participants must be SSAWW members (this is separate from the conference registration) and if you have not yet joined or renewed your SSAWW membership, we ask that you do so now, and again, no later than October 2nd.

The program will be going to print in October, and we want to ensure that it is accurate and that all the panels remain as dynamic and exciting as they are now. Please complete these registrations no later than October 2nd to ensure your inclusion on the program. If you are unable to do so, please let us know right away (

With all good wishes for the fall, and looking forward to Philadelphia,

The Conference Planning Committee: Rita, Dick, Beth, Miranda, Leslie, and Rickie-Ann

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