CFP: Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference (Deadline11.15.15)

Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference

Boston, March 10‐12, 2016

The South in the North

Taking place for the first time in a non-Southern venue, SSSL’s conference next year in Boston will focus on challenges to and reconfigurations of North/South binaries in regional, national, hemispheric, and transatlantic literary and cultural studies.  The foundation of traditional US Southern literary studies on domestic regional difference and distinctiveness has been expanded over recent decades to encompass broader study of Southernness within national and global rubrics.  We welcome innovative scholarship on a wide spectrum of research within our intentionally flexible topic: for example, on the imagining of region as it figures in the imagining of nation, on the construction and consequences of Southern exceptionalism, on the continued expansion of analytical concepts of Southernness (and Northernness) in hemispheric, transatlantic, and global contexts.  We are especially interested in having scholars join us who work in literary fields involving Southern content (colonial plantation literature, race studies, the literatures of slavery, migration, transatlantic studies, and so on) but who may not identify as Southernists.

Possible topics:

* regional fantasies and the national imaginary: the South as projection,

the North as disavowal of region

* climate change and Northern “tropicalization”

* alternatives to north/south dyads in conceptualizing region, area, hemisphere

* effect of native studies on north/south monoliths

* circuits of production, consumption

* geography and periodization of the US civil rights movement

* Southern expatriation

* southern and post-southern imaginaries in literature, film, and small screen media

Please see the full description of the conference topic, detailed cfp, and information about the conference on our website:

We welcome proposals for individual papers and full panels. Pre‐arranged panels are also encouraged. We invite calls for papers for panels, and will post them on the SSSL Facebook and webpage. Feel free to contact us as early as you’d like about preliminary ideas and suggestions. Direct all correspondence to John Matthews at

Deadline for proposals is November 15, 2015.