New Books: The Western Captive and Other Indian Stories by Elizabeth Oakes Smith, Edited by Caroline Woidat

westermThe Western Captive and Other Indian Stories, written by Elizabeth Oakes Smith
Edited by Caroline Woidat
Broadview Editions

This edition recovers Elizabeth Oakes Smith’s successful 1842 novel The Western Captive; or, The Times of Tecumseh with many of Oakes’s Smith’s other writings about Native Americans, including short stories, legends, autobiographical and biographical sketches. The Western Captive is a captivity narrative portraying the Shawnee leader as an American hero and as the white heroine’s spiritual soulmate; in contrast to the later popular legend of Tecumseh’s rejected marriage proposal to a white woman, Margaret, the “captive” of the title, returns Tecumseh’s love and embraces life apart from white society.