CFP: Workshop Proposal for the SSAWW Conference Nov. 4-8, 2015 (2.11.15)

Workshop Proposal for the SSAWW Conference Nov. 4-8, 2015

When Species Meet in Women?s Writing (Panel)

“Silence is perhaps / the sound of spiders breathing” (Lisel Mueller)

We are looking for papers that explore cross-species encounters in women?s writing. We understand species as a broad category, including humans and other animals, but also gods, monsters, bacteria, and cyborgs for example. Papers might explore interspecies communication, human and animal relationships, women and animals, the ?Other? inhabiting the human, forms of symbiotic relationships, and instances of transcending the species boundary. Papers on theoretical approaches, such as Donna Haraway?s et al. are also welcome.

Please submit your proposal (250-300 words), brief biography (60 word limit), and affiliation to Susanne Opfermann ( and Birgit Spengler ( by February 11. We will notify you of the status of your proposal before the general submission deadline runs out.