CFP for Proposed SSAWW Roundtable: Teaching American Women Writers with Digital Tools, Platforms, and Projects (Extended Deadline: 1.15.15)

Teaching American Women Writers with Digital Tools, Platforms, and Projects
This roundtable will showcase how scholars have used digital tools and platforms to teach the work of American women writers. Projects and assignments at all levels of technological complexity are welcome: anything from individual assignments using Twitter, Pinterest, or other online tools to digital editions or galleries built in WordPress, Scalar, or Omeka. Some of these projects and assignments may fall under the rubric of “digital humanities,” but participants need not consider themselves “digital humanists” to apply. The only restriction is that the project or assignment must be pedagogical in nature, involving undergraduate (and perhaps graduate) students in the use or creation of digital tools for the study of American women writers.
Please send a 250- to 500-word abstract describing your project or assignment and discussing its pedagogical purpose and degree of success. Discussions of failed assignments/projects or those that could be improved are welcome; good pedagogy is an additive and iterative process! Presenters are also welcome to address the difficulties of designing and implementing digital assignments and projects (these might include lack of access to source materials, poor on-campus technical support, or other hurdles). Please also describe the audio-visual setup you will need at the conference (if any) in order to present or demonstrate your assignment/project.
Please send abstracts to by January 15, 2015.