CFP for SSAWW 2015 Panel: 20th-Century Women Writers and the Natural World (1.12.15)

20th-Century Women Writers and the Natural World

Call for papers for the Society for the Study of American Women Writers 2015 Conference
November 4-8, 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In the latter part of the twentieth-century, ecofeminists posited the parallel between the subjugation of women and the commodification and exploitation of the natural world.  In a similar vein, and addressing the SSAWW’s conference theme of “Liminal Spaces/Hybrid Lives,” this panel seeks a broad range of papers exploring how 20th-Century American women writers represent their complex relation to natural spaces, landscape, or nonhuman nature.  What does the female subject’s relation to the natural world look like? In what ways do women writers attempt to account for alienation from it? And how do they challenge the oppressive structures that engender this sense of loss? In what ways might they strategically (re)invent relationships with the natural world to advocate for greater connectivity, community-building, and egalitarianism?  Please submit a 250-word abstract and a brief biography to Robert Fillman at by January 12th, 2015.