CFP for SSAWW 2015: Caroline M. Kirkland Revisited (Deadline: 1.15.15)

CFP for SSAWW 2015: Caroline M. Kirkland Revisited (Deadline: 1.15.15)

Caroline M. Kirkland has been credited as a pioneering realist. Her writings about life in Michigan in the 1830s and 1840s provided some of the first realistic accounts of the frontier. She was an important literary journalist, an active social reformer, an outspoken abolitionist, and an influential magazine editor. Although her works are taught and written about frequently, conference panels devoted to her works have been surprisingly far and few between. This panel hopes to redress this by inviting proposals on any topic related to the study of Kirkland and her works. In keeping with the conference theme of “Liminal Spaces, Hybrid Lives,” we welcome especially papers that engage issues of liminality or hybridity. Some of the topics suggested by SSAWW include the following:

  • Alienation and/or disillusionment as states of in-betweenness
  • Borders and peripheries
  • Boundaries between/ within the built environment and/or the natural environment
  • Crossings
  • In between public and private
  • Historical constructions of space, place, and home
  • Liminal spaces in the home
  • Inside and outside—the academy, the canon, etc.
  • Transatlantic
  • Transcontinental

See for more information. Presentations will be limited to 15-20 minutes to accommodate 3 or 4 presenters.

Please send abstracts (250-300 words) and a brief bio or CV to by January 15, 2015.