SSAWW 2015 Conference: Call for Reviewers

Dear SSAWWers,

Plans are well underway for the 2015 conference. We are excited about the response, continuing successful initiatives from past conferences, and hoping to introduce a few additional events such as a syllabus exchange.

Right now we are starting to organize the review process for submissions, and are asking for volunteer reviewers for the paper and panel submissions.

We hope to get the proposals (both individual and panel) out to vettors in the two weeks or so following the Feb. 13th deadline for submission, with a request for a three week turnaround time. Therefore the bulk of the work would be in March.

If enough vettors volunteer, we hope to keep the number of proposals for each vettor to between 12 and 15, a combination of individual papers and complete panels. Please email me directly ( or our conference query email ( if you are able to help with this important process, providing 1) your areas of expertise (can be broad); 2) your academic rank/institution (independent scholars and advanced graduate students most welcome).

We would very much appreciate your participation. We would be happy to provide a letter of appreciation for those who would like one.

Submitting proposals of your own does not preclude participation in the vetting process since we will ensure that conflicts are avoided.

Best wishes,

Rita, on behalf of the organizing committee.