CFP for ALA 2015 – Emily Dickinson International Society

Call for Papers (Deadline: 01.15.15)
Emily Dickinson International Society

Emily Dickinson International Society will sponsor two panels at the American Literature
Association conference in Boston, May 21-24, 2015. The topic for the first panel
is ‘Dickinson and the Non-Human’ and the topic for the second is ‘Dickinson’s Afterlives’.

Panel 1: ‘Dickinson and the Non-Human’
We welcome papers that consider Dickinson as a writer who analyzed and conceptualized
the non-human. For example, panelists might choose to discuss her poetry’s representation of
objects, organic or inorganic; entities, natural or supernatural; artifacts, real or imaginary; or
to examine her poems within the framework of ‘thing theory’ or ecocriticism.

Panel 2: ‘Dickinson’s Afterlives’
We welcome papers that consider how the notion of an ‘afterlife’ shapes Dickinson’s poetry
and/or its reception. For example, panelists might choose to consider the function and
representation of posthumous existence within her work, or to focus on the posthumous
reception of this poet and her poetry.

Please send a 300-word abstract and a brief CV to Páraic Finnerty
( and Michelle Kohler ( by January 1, 2015.