CFP: Shirley Jackson: Beyond the Gothic (ALA; Deadline 1.20.14).

Shirley Jackson: Beyond the Gothic (ALA; Deadline 1.20.14).

            Shirley Jackson was a prolific writer, writing in a variety of genres, publishing in a plethora of venues, and addressing many different audiences. Yet, too often, scholarship has been limited to a discussion of her contribution to the gothic. This panel seeks new interpretations of Shirley Jackson’s work that move beyond the gothic. Readings that situate her work historically in context of the Cold War, consider her in comparison with other contemporary writers of the time, or address issues of race, gender, and disability within her work are especially welcome. Additionally, this panel seeks to devote interest to her lesser-known works. Please submit an abstract between 150-300 words and a brief bio to Leslie Allison at by January 20, 2014. Selected papers will be included in a proposed panel for the American Literature Association’s 2014 Conference in Washington, D.C., May 22-25.