SSAWW Announcements: Graduate Student Assistants

Dear SSAWW Colleagues:

Before 2013 slips away, I wanted to share that we have a full slate of graduate students supporting our officers. Each graduate student position has a place on the Advisory Board, and these terms will conclude at the 2015 conference.

We are pleased to welcome and more formally congratulate Leslie Allison, Martha Pitts, and Jordan Von Cannon.

Leslie Allison of Temple University is working with Rita Bode, Vice President, Organizational.

Martha Pitts of Louisiana State University is working with Beth Lueck, Associate Conference Director.

Jordan Von Cannon of Louisiana State University is working with Donna Campbell, Vice President, Publications.

(Leslie, Martha, and Jordan join Kristin Allukian of the University of Florida, who had already been working with Kristin Jacobson, Vice President, Development.)

Many thanks to everyone who nominated candidates or applied. Thank you for your support of SSAWW!! We are eager to work with you in the future.

Happy Holidays,



Koritha Mitchell, PhD