Call for Graduate Student Positions with SSAWW (Deadline: 10.15.13)

Dear SSAWW Colleagues:

Your board remains hard at work for you!  Start getting excited about the 2015 conference now!

As many of you know, several major SSAWW officer positions will have a corresponding graduate student position attached to them. These early career professionals will help their officers on a voluntary basis and be able to attend the SSAWW triennial conference without having to pay the conference fee. For those graduate students who also volunteer to help with the 2015 conference, financial assistance for attending the conference will be provided, thereby maximizing their ability to support the officers and gain experience relevant to professional development.

Kristin Allukian (already on the board) is now working with Kristin Jacobsen, Vice President, Development. (Thank you!!)  The SSAWW Executive Board is issuing a call for nominations, including self-nominations—by way of its Nominations Committee—for 3 further positions, which will be matched with:

Rita Bode, Vice President, Organizational

Beth Lueck, Associate Conference Director

Donna Campbell, Vice President, Publications

Each graduate student position has a place on the Advisory Board and these terms will conclude at the 2015 gathering. If you wish, note which position most interests you or the nominee from the list of three above.

Please send nominations or self-nominations to me, Koritha Mitchell, by 15 October 2013 at

These are not formally elected positions, but we wanted to open this up to anyone interested. The nominations committee will deliberate should several candidates for each position emerge.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.



SSAWW Advisory Board Member

Chair, Nominations Sub-committee

Koritha Mitchell, PhD

author of Living with Lynching

Associate Professor of English

The Ohio State University