Early September Calls for Papers: Emily Dickinson, Eudora Welty, ASECS

Conference Calls for Papers
Journals, Essay Collections, and Newsletters
ASECS (9.15.13) Oxford Journals: Contemporary Women’s Writing
Society for the Study of Southern Literature (12.15.13) American Periodicals
Inventing the Middlebrow (10.1.13) Emily Dickinson’s Reading Culture (9.15.13)
NeMLA: Redefining American History and Identity through the Novels of Toni Morrison (9.30.13)

Haunting Realities: Naturalist Gothic (8.30.13 updated)

Female Captivity and the Autobiographical Impulse (11.1.13)

Call For Papers: African American Expression in Print and Digital Culture (1.24.14)
 HERA (10.24.13)
 Eudora Welty Society at SSSL (9.30.13)