Publication Announcement: Tabitha Gilman Tenney’s Female Quixotism (1801)

Early American Reprints announces the publication of 

Tabitha Gilman Tenney’s Female Quixotism (1801)

Introduction by Mary McAleer Balkun


This novel represents the second to be republished by Early American Reprints, the first being Martha Meredith Read’s Margaretta (1807). Early American Reprints, founded in 2012, is a not-nearly-for-profit, small-run publisher housed at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. The press is funded entirely by its founder, Richard S. Pressman. Each release is a critical edition, with a professional critical introduction, ancillary materials, and extensive explanatory footnotes. For ease of reading, obvious errors in the original are corrected, paragraphing is normalized, and punctuation is modernized—while absolutely maintaining the original text’s integrity. Production quality is high, but prices are low to make the books affordable:

Margaretta:                                   Single copies purchased in person:                    $9.00

                                                      Single copies mailed:                                            11.50

                                                      Multiple copies for bookstore resale:                  10.00 each

Female Quixotism                  Single copies purchased in person:                    9.50

                                                      Single copies mailed:                                                      12.00

                                                      Multiple copies for bookstore resale:                  10.50 each

(Note: Single copies sold within Texas must be charged $1.00 to cover sales tax.)

Because EAR is self-financed, desk and examination copies are not provided. Please support this effort! Books are available only through the press itself. EAR’s Editorial Board is as follows:

                  Mary McAleer Balkun, Seton Hall University

                  Theresa Strouth Gaul, Texas Christian University

                  Susan Imbarrato, Minnesota State University─Moorhead

                  Dennis Moore, Florida State University

                  Richard S. Pressman, St. Mary’s University

                  Shirley Samuels, Cornell University

                  Scott Slawinksi, Western Michigan University

                  Karen Weyler, University of North Carolina─Greensboro


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