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CFP: Through Laura’s Eyes: Imagery, Illustrations, and Impressions from the Little House (Deadline 12.5.14)

Call for Proposals

“LauraPalooza 2015”

Through Laura’s Eyes: Imagery, Illustrations, and Impressions from the Little House

The National Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association Conference

Sponsored by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association and South Dakota State University

We invite submissions of paper, panel, and workshop proposals for review and possible acceptance for presentation at the third LauraPalooza conference, to be held on the campus of South Dakota State University in Brookings on July 16-17, 2015. The conference will be followed by a field trip to De Smet, South Dakota, on July 18.

The theme of this year’s conference reflects the word pictures that Laura drew for Mary when she talked, the ones that Laura created on the printed page, and the way that Helen Sewell and Garth Williams brought them to life. It capitalizes on our Brookings, South Dakota, location and the university’s relationship with South Dakota artist (and distant relative of Laura) Harvey Dunn. Potential presenters are welcome to interpret the theme as they like.

“LauraPalooza” embodies the community spirit, work ethic, and social interaction embraced by the Ingalls and Wilder families. Academic presentations mingle with ice cream socials and spelling bees. Join scholars, writers, and professionals who specialize in Ingalls and Wilder literary, historical, and cultural impacts.


CFP: Convention and Contravention: Vexing Gender in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing (Edited Anthology; Deadline 9.12.14)

Call for proposals for edited anthologyConvention and Contravention: Vexing Gender in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing

Editor: Mary Ellen Iatropoulos
CFP Deadline: 9/12/14

When existing conditions actively work to suppress women’s expression, how can the female subject assert herself? How does the space between depiction of and satire/critique of gender roles manifest in nineteenth-century women’s writing? How, through their literary works, do nineteenth-century American women writers engage the space between performing idealized gender roles and affirming or challenging those roles, to depict the female subject negotiating between real self and role self to navigate the world? This CFP seeks essays investigating the relationship between engaging, endorsing, and repudiating restrictive gender roles in nineteenth-century American women’s literature. Topics for investigating the relationship between engaging, endorsing, and repudiating restrictive gender roles in nineteenth-century American women’s literature may include: the cult of domesticity, the Poetess figure, antebellum aesthetics, literary sentimentality, variations on the “angel at the hearth” trope, etc. Essays focusing on works by specific writers are welcome, as are comparative essays investigating thematic connections throughout a selection of works.

Please send 300-500 word abstracts to Mary Ellen Iatropoulos atmaryiatrop@gmail.com by noon on Friday, September 12th, 2014.

Accepted contributors will be informed by October 1st, 2014. First drafts will be due in December, and final drafts will be due in March 2015 with the goal of a Fall 2015 publication date.

Abstract Deadline: 9/12/14

Please include with your abstract: Name, Affiliation, Email address, and Postal address


CFP: Alice Munro and the Body (2015 Northeastern MLA, Toronto, April 30-May 3, 2015) (Deadline 9.30.14)

Via Ali Arant:

In case some of you also work on Canadian women writers, here is a Call for Papers on Alice Munro for the 2015 Northeastern MLA conference, which will take place in Toronto from April 30-May 3, 2015.

Alice Munro and the Body

This panel seeks papers on representations of the body in fiction by Nobel laureate Alice Munro. How do Munro’s depictions of the body—and especially the body of the ‘other’—work within and against social conventions? What is the relationship between bodies and the language used to represent them? How do Munro’s treatments of the body engage with generic conventions including those associated with the Gothic and with regional literatures? Please submit 300- to 500-word abstracts to Alison Arant by September 30, 2014, by using the following link: https://nemla.org/convention/2015/cfp.html#cfp15422

SSAWW 2015 CFP: Proposed panel “Women and Work” (Deadline 1.5.15)

The meaning of “women’s work” has never been stable. While women have consistently engaged with the production of home as well as labor outside the home, their involvement in what Marx conceptualizes as wage-to-labor power exchange did not achieve heightened visibility in U.S. cultures until the nineteenth century. “Women and Work” seeks to explore the many ways that women have offered their labor in service of their families, their communities and their nations and how this labor constructs a variety of liminal experiences. How does women’s labor provide opportunities for collective dissent regarding the ethics of labor practices as well as the continued undervaluation of women’s work? How do women of color and immigrant women, systematically relegated to liminal spaces, organize to instigate change?  What liminal spaces do women occupy as they attempt to redefine the value of women’s work and negotiate new hybrid identities for themselves as workers, mothers, wives, community organizers, movement advocates? How do women navigate liminal and arguably risky spaces as they work to alter women’s complex relationships to the production of home, community and nation? How have women of color and gender nonconforming persons been disadvantaged by other more privileged women’s attempts to redefine work as well as secure political/social authenticity for this work and for themselves? Send 250-word proposal, CV, and 60-word bio by January 5 to leiren@aol.com AND strong01@nsuok.edu.

Grants and Prizes: The Research Society for American Periodicals (RSAP) proudly announces its $1000 Book Prize.

The prize will be awarded for the best monograph on American periodicals published by an academic press between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014. Books will be judged by a peer review of three scholars chosen by the RSAP Advisory Board.

The Book Prize will be awarded at the American Literature Association (ALA) conference in Boston, MA, May 21-24, 2015. The winner and up to two honorable mentions will be notified by March 1, 2015 and will be recognized at an RSAP-sponsored reception at ALA.

Applicants, who must be current members of RSAP when they submit their books, should download and submit a completed registration form (http://www.periodicalresearch.org/?p=421) and THREE hard copies of their work by December 1, 2014 to:

Timothy Helwig
010 Simpkins Hall
Department of English
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61455

Please direct any questions to Book Prize Committee Chair, Timothy Helwig, at TW-Helwig at wiu dot edu.

CFP: Woolson Society Conference (Deadline extended to 9.1.14)

The deadline for proposals for the Woolson Society conference in D.C. in February has been extended until September 1.  (If you really want to come but need more time, let me know. It’s a busy time of year, I realize.)

The Domestic and the National in Woolson and Her Contemporaries
Eleventh Biennial Conference of the Constance Fenimore Woolson Society

Washington, D.C.

Feb. 19-21, 2014 

Keynote Speaker: Alison Booth

In honor of this year’s conference venue, the nation’s capital, the Constance Fenimore Woolson Society invites proposals on any aspect of  the domestic or national in Woolson’s works or in the works of her contemporaries. We encourage work that examines tensions between home and abroad, the margin and the center, the capital and the nation, the regional and the federal. (more…)

CFP: Shirley Jackson & Garlic in Fiction: (Still) Beyond the Gothic (Deadline 8.30.14)

Shirley Jackson & Garlic in Fiction: (Still) Beyond the Gothic

Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900

February 26-28, 2015

This panel seeks to continue the conversation begun at the “Shirley Jackson: Beyond the Gothic” panel at the American Literature Association Conference in May 2014 in Washington, DC. With so much renewed attention in Jackson’s work (a collection of previously unpublished works is set to be released by Random House in 2015), this panel is interested in readings of Jackson’s work that go beyond the gothic or horror. The range of possible topics is broad, but of particular interest are essays that address her lesser known essays, short stories, or novels, speak to her influence on contemporary or current authors, or use emergent theoretical reading practices (i.e. material feminism, cultural studies, critical race theory, disability studies, ecocriticism, queer studies, etc.)

Please submit two separate files: 1. an abstract of approximately 300-500 words and 2. a cover sheet that lists: name (as your would like it appear in program), home address and email address, academic affiliation (if applicable), title of paper/work (as it will appear in the program), national origin/genre of work discussed (please be specific), and personal biographical note (100-150 words). Submissions should be emailed to Jill E. Anderson (andersonwires@gmail.com) and are due August 30.


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