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CFP SSAWW 2015 Panel: On the Boundary between Public and Private: Rethinking Willa Cather’s Letters (12.15.14)

On the Boundary between Public and Private: Rethinking Willa Cather’s Letters

The Cather Foundation solicits proposals on topics related to Cather’s letters for a panel at the Society for the Studies of American Women Writers conference in Philadelphia November 4-8, 2015. For many years, biographers and critics who consulted Willa Cather’s letters could refer to their contents only in paraphrase because of restrictions in Cather’s will. Cather’s insistence that her letters not be published or quoted from and stories about the burning of her letters also became a key component of many interpretations of Cather’s life and works. With the lifting of the ban on publication and quotation, the appearance of The Selected Letters of Willa Cather in 2013, a complete digital edition of the letters underway, and the regular discovery of previously-unknown letters, the time is ripe to rethink Cather’s letters and their place in scholarship.

What can Cather’s letters tell us about her works and her life? What can’t they tell us? Now that scholars can quote from her letters, what can we say about Cather’s voice in her letters and her engagement with the letter as genre? Considering the survival of over 3,000 letters in libraries, was Cather as obsessed with privacy as some previously claimed based in part on stories about the destruction of letters? What public function did Cather’s letters have when she wrote them, and what public function to they have now?

Proposals on these and other topics concerning Cather’s letters are solicited. Depending on the number of proposals, more than one panel or a roundtable of shorter presentations may be constructed. Please e-mail a 250-300 word abstract and a 1-page c.v. to Melissa J. Homestead at mhomestead2@unl.edu by December 15, 2014.

CFP: Constance Fenimore Woolson Society, SSAWW 2015 (Deadline 1.1.2015)

Constance Fenimore Woolson Society Call For Papers: Society for the Study of American Women Writers Triennial Conference, Philadelphia PA, 2015

“Constance Fenimore Woolson: Geographic Borders, Social Crossings”

The Constance Fenimore Woolson Society invites paper submissions for the CFW Society’s panel at the SSAWW Triennial Conference in Philadelphia, PA 2015. In keeping with SSAWW’s conference theme of “Liminal Spaces, Hybrid Lives,” this panel will explore Woolson’s liminal status as regionalist, international traveler, and genre-crossing woman writer. The Society warmly welcomes paper proposals on any of the following topics/keywords:


CFP: SSAWW 2015 Proposed Panel: The Society for American Travel Writing (Deadline: 15 December 2014)

The Society for American Travel Writing (Deadline: 15 December 2014)

The Society for American Travel Writing invites submissions for its upcoming panel at the triennial meeting of the Society for the Study of American Women Writers, November 4-8, 2015 in Philadelphia.

In keeping with the conference theme of “Liminal Spaces, Hybrid Lives,” we welcome papers that explore the ways in which crossing ideological, political, economic, intellectual, and creative boundaries are elaborated in women’s travel experiences and travel texts. Because the word “limen” suggests crossing thresholds, an inherent aspect of geographic movement, our panel seeks to investigate how the various mobilities of geography, politics, and identity meet and intersect in women’s travel writing.

Please email a brief CV and 300 word abstract to Melanie Scriptunas (mscript@udel.edu) and Susan Roberson (susan.roberson@tamuk.edu) by 15 December 2014 using “SATW at SSAWW” as the subject line.

CFP: SSAWW 2015 – Deadline: 14 November 2014

For SSAWW’s forthcoming 2015 conference on “Liminal Spaces, Hybrid Lives,” we are assembling a panel focused on contested boundaries of race, class, and sexuality in women’s nineteenth- and twentieth-century regional literature. Current papers for the session focus on contested gender roles in the work of New England authors Sarah Orne Jewett and Mary Wilkins Freeman, depictions of contested racial and regional identities in the work of antebellum antislavery novelist Mattie Griffith, and representations of the rural in the late twentieth century queer press.  Please submit any queries and 250 word abstracts to Myrto Drizou (mdrizou@valdosta.edu) and Holly Kent (hkent3@uis.edu) by Friday, November 14th.

CFP for SSAWW 2015 Panel: Rhyme as Liminal Space in Nineteenth Century Poetry (Deadline: Jan. 1, 2015)

CFP for a panel on rhyme in nineteenth century poetry for next fall’s SSAWW conference.

CFP: Rhyme as Liminal Space in Nineteenth Century Poetry (Deadline: Jan. 1, 2015)

Nineteenth century poetry is overwhelmingly driven by its rhymes, yet it is also overwhelmingly maligned for them. Very often, the kinds of rhymes in these poems are viewed as rigid, stultifying, predictable, or old-fashioned—as “mere jingling,” not worthy of much serious attention. Poet A.E. Stallings, however, writing in 2009, describes rhyme of any kind as a liminal space where something mysterious and transformative happens between words: “Rhyme is an irrational, sensual link between two words. It is chemical. It is alchemical.” Using Stallings’s definition as point of departure, this panel welcomes papers on any aspect of rhyme in poetry by nineteenth century American women, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • True rhyme
  • Slant rhyme
  • Eye rhyme
  • Stock rhyme, expected rhyme, “bad” rhyme
  • Rhyme in political poetry
  • Rhyme and genre
  • Rhyme and form
  • Rhyme and performance
  • Rhyme and humor
  • Rhyme and emotion
  • Rhyme and inversion
  • “Feminine” rhymes

Please send an abstract (300-500 words) and a brief bio to Melissa Range at melissa.h.range@lawrence.edu by January 1, 2015.

SSAWW 2015 Proposed Panel: Kay Boyle’s Short Fiction (Deadline 1.9.15)

Kay Boyle’s Short Fiction

Kay Boyle Society at Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Philadelphia, PA, November 4-8, 2015

In accordance with the SSAWW shared theme of Liminal Spaces, Hybrid Lives, we invite papers that engage Kay Boyle’s short fiction from any perspective. In particular, we encourage critical or pedagogical treatments of her short fiction that explore Boyle’s propensity to illuminate boundaries, crossings, and the subversive. Boyle’s short stories provide rich sites to interrogate transgression and marginality.

Paper proposals and CVs should be sent by January 9th to Anne Reynes-Delobel and Caroline Maun, anne.reynes@univ-amu.fr and caroline.maun@wayne.edu.

SSAWW 2015 Conference Local Representatives Needed

Dear Colleagues,
The Conference Planning Committee is looking for a local representative or representatives for the 2015 conference in Philadelphia.
We already have someone looking into the area restaurants, but other responsibilities would include drawing attention to cultural activities, special exhibitions, library holdings that may be of special interest to our members, among other possibilities.
Advertising the conference specifically to local colleges and universities would also be helpful.
We also need practical advice on transportation, taxis, etc., and perhaps some on the ground, last minute things that can’t be done from a distance. This would not be onerous.
Please let us know if you are interested/willing/able to volunteer for this: SSAWW2015.query@gmail.com
Best wishes for the term to you all,
Rita on behalf of the Conference Planning Committee


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